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What Made Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up

What Made Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up

Budgeting is a crucial skill for effectively managing your finances. Life is full of unexpected […]

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Car insurance Facts

Separating Fact from Myth in Car Insurance

The CEO of Najm Insurance Services, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sulaiman, estimated that 50 percent of drivers […]

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TPL Car insurance exclusions

Understanding Saudi Compulsory TPL Car Insurance Limits

Overall, insurance plays an important role in providing protection to individuals & property during unpredictable […]

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Comprehensive car insurance in Saudi Guide

Guide to Comprehensive Insurance Cover & Add-ons

In Saudi, getting your car insurance is compulsory. However, choosing your car insurance coverage is […]

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W ways to save on insurance

4 Effective Ways to Save on Car Insurance in Saudi

Generally speaking, the pandemic has touched every aspect of life, and mostly not for the […]

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Car Insurance and fathers

Fathers day guide to cheap car insurance

Father’s Day is upon us! Father’s Day, celebrated around the world on the third Sunday […]

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Comprehensive Vs TPL

Comprehensive Vs. TPL Car Insurance in Saudi

Of course, you googled “comprehensive-vs-tpl” hoping to get answers for “Which option is better?” “Which […]

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Get the best insurance -

Help! Get the best car insurance in Saudi

What do you do right after a car crash? Panic, freeze, call your dad, your […]

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Insurance equals Assurance-

Insurance equals Assurance, cover your car today!

Don’t know who to call when you crash your vehicle?  How about when your car […]

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