Comprehensive Vs. TPL Car Insurance in Saudi

Comprehensive Vs. TPL Car Insurance in Saudi

Ah, “comprehensive vs. TPL”. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone! Googling those terms probably means you’re trying to answer two big questions: “Which is better?” and “Which is cheaper?” We know how hard is it to decode car insurance jargon, especially for first-time buyers. Its seems like car insurance companies only want to throw around confusing terms and fancy names, but fear not! It all boils down to two main types: third-party and comprehensive car insurance.

Ready to understand the difference between comprehensive vs tpl car insurance in Saudi? Let’s break down the key differences!

What is the difference between comprehensive vs. TPL car insurance?

FeatureComprehensive car insuranceThird-Party Insurance
Drivers coveredThe policyholder, their immediate family members, and any driver under their sponsorship provided that:
– they have a valid driver’s license.
– added as an additional driver.
Any driver with a valid driver’s license in Saudi Arabia.
Third-party liability coverageUp to SAR 10,000,000Up to SAR 10,000,000
Loss or damage to the car
✅ Covered, regardless of fault.
❌ Not covered, unless you are at fault.
Repair at the dealershipOptional.
Natural hazards ie. floods and hail.
Windshield protection
Fire and theft
No claims discountUp to 60%Up to 50%
Loyalty discount
Personal accident coverage (driver)
Personal accident coverage (passengers)
Coverage in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Coverage in the GCC countries
Replacement car
Roadside assistance
Comprehensive car insurance vs TPL car insurance in Saudi

So, does comprehensive insurance cover everything?

No, despite its name, there are several cases that are not covered by the comprehensive insurance policy. Drivers should be aware of these cases, including:

  • Driving with an expired driver’s license
  • Giving false or misleading information when applying or renewing your car insurance
  • Exceeding the authorized passenger capacity of the car or overloading
  • Using the car for purposes other than those stated in the policy
  • An accident that occurs outside the geographical scope of the policy, such as accidents that occur outside the public road off-road, or on sand dunes.
  • Violating traffic laws — like running a red light — can leave you on the hook for any damages you cause.
  • Waited a little too long to report a car accident

The “exclusions” section in your policy is your friend, not your enemy. Read it carefully to understand what isn’t covered & avoid any unwelcome surprises. And if you’re unsure about anything, ask your insurance provider!

Which is better? comprehensive vs TPL car insurance

Well, the answer depends on what you need and how much would you like to spend.

Overall, we can say that comprehensive car insurance will the best option if you:

  • Want to be compensated if your car is considered damaged
  • Want to have your car repaired at the dealership
  • Want roadside assistance if your car breaks down
  • Drive in a crowded city
  • Want to be compensated if your car is stolen without your negligence, damaged by fire, or found damaged due to floods or hail.

On the other hand, Third-party car insurance is a good option if you:

  • Are looking for the cheapest insurance
  • Want insurance that protects you from financial obligations to others
  • Do not prefer to pay a deductible
  • Do not mind paying the repair bills for your car yourself when you are at fault in an accident.

Don’t forget to compare and shop around

No matter what type of insurance you are looking for, don’t rush into making a decision and study your needs first. And don’t ignore comparing car insurance prices — comparison sites will help you discover the difference between insurance company offers and get the best value. Regardless of the insurance company’s name, look for the insurance company that offers the right offer in terms of price and services. In urgent insurance cases such as transferring car ownership or issuing Istimarh, it is important to compare the speed of the insurance company linking the document with the traffic/Najm system.

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