Comprehensive Vs. TPL?

Comprehensive Vs. TPL?

Facts and stats

Car insurance is the only means to protect yourself and your loved ones against road-related harm. If you were to look at the staggering numbers of injuries and deaths resulting from road accidents, you would not think twice before committing to an insurance. 

According to the Saudi Medical Journal, 83.4% of the admitted injured patients between 1984 and 1989 were those directly involved in road accidents. A study conducted several years later between 2005 and 2010 revealed an increase of 8% in road accident fatalities. All studies carried out so far in Saudi Arabia with regards to road traffic report speeding as the main culprit behind motor accidents (Mansuri, Al-Zalabani, Zalat, & Qabshawi, 2015). 

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A more recent report on shows that ‘a car crash happens every minute in Saudi Arabia’. In 2017 alone, car accidents accounted for more than 700,000 deaths. 

These numbers should be enough to horrify you into taking protective action by purchasing the right car insurance.

The full picture

Before committing to a Saudi insurance plan, and to be sure that you are making the right choice, you must first learn of the risks covered, the price of the policy, and its terms and conditions. When it comes to risks, they can be financially mitigated should you suffer as a result of direct or indirect injury to yourself, to other passengers, or damage to your car following an accident. The two main types of car insurance are comprehensive, sometimes called ‘all-risk’, and third party liability. 

The hype behind the type

The first type, comprehensive car insurance, covers damages resulting from car crashes, theft of the insured vehicle, and many other perils that are essentially part of the insurance or could be tailored to fit your requirements. The second type, third party liability, is mandatory and covers you, the insured (first party), against claims made by the injured party. This means that in the event of an accident, the Saudi insurance company (second party) will not fix your car but that of the other or third party. This usually has a set minimum coverage limit. Any of these two types of insurances can really save your life, in the physical and financial sense. 

What’s best for you

How can you find the right insurance? When seriously shopping for the insurance that suits you best, remember to make comparisons in the Saudi market car insurance by visiting our website and refining your search to comprise online car or motor insurance, cheap car insurance and go compare car insurance. You will receive several car insurance quotes, coverage details, and insurance company offers, depending on your selected plan in the search field. After that, you can review the hits very carefully from the comfort of your home and take the time to weigh your many options. Only then can you make a commitment, as per your preferences, with a Saudi insurance company that may be your life-long partner if it proves satisfactory in its dealings and remains true to its mission and services. If not, you can always log in to our platform again and replace your insurance with another one at the click of a button!