Guide to Comprehensive Insurance Cover & Add-ons
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Guide to Comprehensive Insurance Cover & Add-ons

In Saudi, getting your car insurance is compulsory. However, choosing your car insurance coverage is entirely up to you. Given the different options of policies available in the Saudi market, choosing between car insurance policies can be confusing. That is why it’s important to compare car insurance types and understand the difference between comprehensive insurance cover and third-party cover before making a purchase.

Is buying Comprehensive Insurance a Smart Decision?

To simplify, the main difference between TPL and comprehensive insurance is the level of coverage each offers.
Let’s put it simply, whenever there is an accident, there are always two people involved; one of them is you. If you are at-fault, TPL will cover the other person and his car damages only. Whereas, comprehensive insurance will repair your car damages in addition to the other’s. So, it’s safe to say that comprehensive policy has you, others, and your car fully protected. Accordingly, you don’t have to worry about putting a dent in your wallet on top of your car dents.

Find all your answers on comprehensive insurance cover in simple wording here, read on!

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What is Add-on in Comprehensive Insurance?

As the name suggests, an add-on offers an extension to your coverage, to cover damages that basic car insurance won’t cover, for an additional cost. Overall, add-ons can help you avoid paying huge amounts out of pocket.

Can I Customize My Car Insurance?

As previously mentioned, comprehensive car insurance allows you to customize your coverage according to your needs with full and cost-effective protection. In general, TPL insurance restrictively provides the minimum level of coverage. Alternatively, a comprehensive car insurance policy will offer a wide range of add-ons to boost your protection. At wakeel, we promise to fulfill all your insurance expectations according to budget. Compare car insurance policies in Saudi & save up!

What Are Some Basic Comprehensive Insurance Covers in Saudi?

Usually, Saudi drivers look for a comprehensive insurance policy that includes these add-ons:

  • Geographical Extension: Many Saudis and residents drive to neighboring countries. Most frequent drivers looking for a hassle-free trip are expanding their car insurance coverage to cover and:
  1. Insure Saudi car in Kuwait
  2. Insure Saudi cars in Jordan
  3. Insure Saudi car in the UAE
  • Loss or Damage to Your Vehicle: Primarily, most drivers are looking for insurance that will cover their own damages too. In the wake of accidents, your insurer will either repair your car damages, or pay upfront in cash its value when it’s damaged beyond repair. Moreover, your insurance company will offer you the choice between repairing your car at its authorized agency workshop or guaranteed workshops.
  • Personal Accident: We hope it never happens, but if it does, we want you to be in good hands. If you are involved in an accident, insurance will cover your personal injuries. Similarly, insurance will cover other drivers as long as they’re listed as additional drivers on the policy.
  • Medical Expenses Due to an Accident: Not only will your insurance company cover your emergency medical expenses (including hospitalization and treatment fees) but your passengers’ too. Moreover, when the accident results in death, your insurer will be responsible for reimbursing blood money (Diya).
  • Natural Perils: Although we live in one of the safest places, nobody can control nature’s furies. In 2017, SAMA directed insurers to cover natural disasters in comprehensive insurance cover to include damages rain, floods, and hailstorms may cause. Moreover, some insurers could extend this cover to include fire and theft. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

What Car Insurance Add-ons Are Beneficial in Saudi?

  • Hire Car: Following a car accident, one of your first questions may be: What am I going to drive now? Of course, life still goes on after accidents. When your car is in the workshop, this add-on comes to the rescue with a hired replacement car for your personal use.
  • Roadside Assistance: Punctured your tire on the Northern Ring Road? Or perhaps your car broke needs towing back to Riyadh? In similar situations, this add-on can be of help here. A 24/7 roadside assistance add-on will definitely cost more, but buying your peace of mind = priceless.
  • Avoid Depreciation with Zero-Depreciation: Everything wears and tears over time, and even your car could lose its value quickly. As each part of the car wears out, the value of your car equally diminishes. However, if you’ve opted for a zero-depreciation cover in your insurance policy, you can keep your car value longer.

Safeguard your car on the way

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