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A gif showing the difference and variation in car insurance prices in different cities in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s Why Using a Different Address for Car Insurance Can Backfire!

Recently, you might have heard some advice going around that suggests changing your home address […]

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Man Next to Calendar Illustrates How Car Insurance Quotes Fluctuate Over Time. Explore the dynamic world of insurance pricing!

Why do car insurance quotes keep changing?

One thing that often worries us drivers is how car insurance prices can go up […]

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What should a good car insurance policy include

What to Look for in a Car Insurance Policy

When it comes to car ownership, having the right insurance can be just as important […]

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Car insurance deductibles and premiums tend to have an inverse relationship.

Choosing the Right Deductible for Your Car Insurance

Car insurance companies in Saudi price their comprehensive insurance based on a variety of factors. […]

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Buying car insurance policies in installments.

Buying car insurance in installments in Saudi

With car insurance premiums having the potential to reach thousands of riyals, many might wonder, […]

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مواقف السيارات

Where Should You Park Your Car

In the sweltering summer, it’s a no-brainer why people try to avoid parking their cars […]

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Manafith short term tpl car insurance in Saudi

Manafith: Car insurance in your host country

Owning a car opens up endless possibilities, such as being able to work in a […]

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What Made Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up

What Made Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up

Budgeting is a critical skill to manage your finances. As you know, life is filled with […]

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Car insurance Facts

Separating Fact from Myth in Car Insurance

The CEO of Najm Insurance Services, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sulaiman, estimated that 50 percent of drivers […]

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