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A car equipped with car safety features and ADAS technologies

Your Extra-Safe Car May Cost More to Insure

You know there are a few choices you’ll need to make when shopping for your […]

A car dashboard with a telematics device plugged in, symbolizing Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) technology

How You Can Go From Paying High Premiums to Saving Big with UBI

What if car insurance prices were based on how well you follow the rules of […]

Don't Risk Emptying Your Pockets Without a Vandalism Cover!

Don’t Risk Emptying Your Pockets Without a Vandalism Cover!

Do not become a victim of car vandalism! Remember, prevention is better than a cure. […]

A policyholder looking puzzled and uncertain, as they try to make sense of the four different car insurance options during their comparison

You Have to Rethink Car Insurance Comparison NOW

When it comes to shopping for car insurance, most people focus solely on the bottom […]

Image depicting a car falling into a ditch, illustrating the risks of driving without insurance coverage after a lapse.

Before you decide not to renew your car insurance

Every year, millions of drivers face a critical decision: whether to renew their car insurance […]

a car parked beneath an insurance umbrella, symbolizing comprehensive coverage and protection on the road.

From Zero to Hero: 4 Must-Have Car Insurance Add-Ons

Car insurance goes beyond mere legal requirements; it serves as a financial safety net and […]

A man holding a third party car insurance policy

How Third-Party Car Insurance Protects Everyone

As the countdown to the automated enforcement of “lack of valid insurance” violations approaches, it’s […]

A gif showing the difference and variation in car insurance prices in different cities in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s Why Using a Different Address for Car Insurance Can Backfire!

Recently, you might have heard some advice going around that suggests changing your home address […]

Man Next to Calendar Illustrates How Car Insurance Quotes Fluctuate Over Time. Explore the dynamic world of insurance pricing!

Why do car insurance quotes keep changing?

One thing that often worries us drivers is how car insurance prices can go up […]

An image showcasing Tawuniya's different car insurance options

Comparing Tawuniya’s Car Insurance Choices

Car insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Every driver has unique needs and preferences. Some opt […]

A car parked on the side of the road with a driver making a phone call to roadside assistance.

5 Times You Should Call Roadside Assistance

Forbes Advisor has some eye-opening news for us: older cars, those that have been around […]

رجل يقف بجانب سيارة متضررة من عيوب الطريق مثل الحفر والمطبات الصناعية

How to Get Compensated for Road Defects

Road defects are not just a headache for drivers; they’re a silent menace that can […]