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Car Insurance Abroad with Geographical Extension

Expand Car Insurance to Bahrain with Geographical Extension

As Saudi lifts travel suspension and reopens land and airports starting May 17, a surge of […]

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Car Insurance and fathers

Fathers day guide to cheap car insurance

Father’s Day is upon us! Father’s Day, celebrated around the world on the third Sunday […]

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History of Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

The History of Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

Although car insurance has recently become compulsory in Saudi Arabia. Arabs had a great understanding […]

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Hit and Run -wakeel

Will My Car Insurance Cover a Hit & Run in Saudi?

Picture this: After a long day, as you finally head to the parking; you notice […]

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benefits of having car insurance

3 Benefits of Having Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

In reality, risk is an innate part of life. We take risks every day when we eat and […]

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Motives to get third party liability Insurance in Saudi - wakeel

Motives to get third party liability Insurance in Saudi

Almost half of the cars in Saudi are uninsured! Adel Al Issa, the official spokesperson […]

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Insurance terms - Wakeel

The basic car insurance terms

Let’s be honest. Car insurance terms aren’t always easy to understand. Whether you’re thinking of submitting a claim […]

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Why Driving a car without Insurance is Wrong!

Driving a car without insurance is a huge “NO” in Saudi, it is now mandatory […]

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Saudi National Day - wakeel

Saudi National Day

Today, the wakeel family is pleased to congratulate Saudi Arabia on its 90th year since […]

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