Why Driving a car without Insurance is Wrong!
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Why Driving a car without Insurance is Wrong!

Driving a car without insurance is a huge “NO” in Saudi, it is now mandatory to have car insurance Saudi Arabia. However, the perspective in Saudi Arabia is that drivers can still drive a vehicle without insurance. Although it is mandatory in the Kingdom to purchase car insurance, many Saudis take it as a luxury. In August 2021, Najm Insurance CEO reported that the percentage of uninsured cars in Saudi makes up 55%.

These are the reasons why driving an uninsured car is completely wrong in Saudi:

  • It is now mandatory by Saudi law to have your car insured in the whole of Saudi Arabia.
  • Based on the Insurance policy, if you are involved in a car accident, your car insurance should cover all car repairs and medical bills caused by the accident.
  • Car insurance protects your car from any damages caused by natural disasters that include flooding, fires, strong winds and other natural perils.
  • Third-party liability insurance (TPL) will cover the repairs of the third-party car through the policy of liability & coverage. Thus, reducing the financial burden on oneself.
  • Insurance companies can provide you with legal advice and legal cover in the case if a driver is sent to court for an accident.
  • Insurance based on the policy can also cover your car from theft and vandalism.

So, which car insurance do I need in Saudi?

Owning a car entails a lot of financial responsibilities, and there are different ways to protect yourself from the unexpected with car insurance. But how do you figure out which car insurance you need?

Mandatory car insurance

Also known as compulsory insurance in Saudi Arabia or third-party insurance. According to traffic regulations in Saudi, and many other countries around the world, this type of insurance is mandatory for all vehicles. Third-party covers you from liabilities in the event of an accident that will cause injury to a third party. Plus, TPL covers the expenses of repairing others’ damaged cars but, this type does not cover the driver’s personal accidents or cover insured car repair

Tip: If your car is a bit older, it makes sense you consider going with the basic level of insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance

On the other hand, Comprehensive insurance works to protect the driver, their car, and others. In detail, comprehensive car insurance covers any loss or damage to the car as a result of accidents and may also cover car breakdowns resulting from natural perils such as hails and floods.

Does comprehensive car insurance cover all claims? While the name suggests, comprehensive – no policy can grant covering you 100% in all situations!

Tip: For your brand-new car, invest in comprehensive car insurance if you want to full protection.

The best insurance policy will rarely be the cheapest insurance policy you can find. Rather, it should be the cheapest policy that provides the coverage you need for peace of mind without any surprising payments.

So, in order to find the best car insurance in Saudi. The first step is to find licensed insurance companies, see what car insurance policies do they offer. Next, you have to check each policy’s coverage and its features. Only then, you will be able to compare your car insurance options and compare car insurance rates.

If comparison sounds like a tedious task, then try a comparison specialized site for comparing and buying car insurance online in Saudi Arabia. A price comparison website will help you get free quotes and compare different options from multiple car insurance companies in Saudi Arabia. You can do it all online without any hassle. These websites help you find cheap car insurance prices but also the ones that give you the coverage you need for your car.

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