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Types of insurance in Saudi

Historically, insurance has always been a necessity to prepare for emergencies and protect our wealth; […]

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TPL Car insurance exclusions

Understanding Saudi Compulsory TPL Car Insurance Limits

We all know car insurance is compulsory, but with different types of coverage available, it […]

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عروض تأمين السيارات في رمضان البركات

Save on Car Insurance with Deals in Saudi Arabia

Many shoppers look forward to the start of seasonal sales to make major purchases, which […]

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وكيل- لماذا ينبغي تغيير وثيقة التأمين -

5 Signs it’s Time to Switch Car Insurance Provider in Saudi

Policyholders can save on car insurance when they change service provider in Saudi Arabia. There’s […]

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wakeel -Towing services

How Important Is the Insurance Add-On Towing Service?

Being on the road is a wonderful experience. Being stuck on the side? Not as […]

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wakeel- Road side assistance

Common Types of Roadside Assistance in Saudi

If you are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then you certainly cannot stop yourself […]

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claims service center in Saudi Arabia.

Claim for Damages on my Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

When driving in Saudi Arabia it is safe to say that having car insurance is […]

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Wakeel | Cancel your car insurance in Saudi

Cancelling Your Car Insurance-Everything You Need to Know

Getting the right car insurance policy in Saudi Arabia can be confusing. On the other […]

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Comprehensive Vs TPL

Comprehensive Vs. TPL Car Insurance in Saudi

Ah, “comprehensive vs. TPL”. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone! Googling those terms probably means you’re […]

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