5 Times You Should Call Roadside Assistance
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5 Times You Should Call Roadside Assistance

Forbes Advisor has some eye-opening news for us: older cars, those that have been around for more than a decade, are twice as likely to throw a roadside tantrum compared to their younger counterparts! But here’s the kicker – even the new and flashy cars aren’t immune to those unexpected roadside troubles either! It’s like a universal car law – flat tires, cranky batteries, or running on empty can strike when you’re least expecting it. That’s why adding Roadside Assistance (RSA) to your comprehensive insurance policy is a wise idea. With RSA, you’ve got a trusty assistant on standby for those unforeseen breakdowns, no matter where you are.

Discover the top five scenarios where contacting your car insurance’s roadside assistance service becomes a lifesaver. Be ready for unexpected situations on the road. Read now!

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance is an optional add-on available with comprehensive car insurance policies. This service entails dispatching a team of certified technicians to aid drivers in the event of an unexpected car breakdown. With just a quick phone call, you can arrange for on-site repairs or have your vehicle towed to a repair facility.

5 Moments When Roadside Assistance is Your Best Bet

When You Need Your Car Towed

When you find yourself in a situation where your car is experiencing a major breakdown, like the engine deciding to take a day off, or if you’ve been in an accident that left your ride worse for wear, or even when your car gets stuck and needs a winch to get out of a tough spot, it’s time to call roadside assistance service. Roadside Assistance professionals arrive promptly at the scene to assess the situation and ensure that no one is put at further risk. They’ll handle the necessary steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

When You Need to Change a Flat Tire

Car tires often face various issues during a trip, and sometimes they need to be replaced quickly. Driving with a flat or punctured tire can make it hard to control your vehicle, putting everyone’s safety at risk. While changing a tire is easy if you have the skills and tools, if you don’t, it’s smarter to call for roadside assistance instead of hoping for help from strangers!

When Your Car’s Battery Runs Out

Likewise, jump-starting a dead car battery might seem simple, but it typically involves help from another vehicle or a battery charger. Now, picture yourself stranded on a deserted road, waiting who knows how long for another vehicle to appear! Ensure your peace of mind by knowing that Roadside Assistance is just a phone call away whenever you face unexpected battery problems, be it day or night.

After Losing Your Car Keys

Accidentally leaving your car keys inside the vehicle can be quite an unexpected surprise for drivers. This happens more than you think! In this scenario, avoid any online DIYs to unlock the car, many of them can damage the lock, windows, or even set off the airbags. Instead, rely on the experts! Your insurance provider can dispatch a certified technician to help you unlock your car’s door professionally, and the best part is, it won’t cost you a dime.

When You Run Out of Fuel

Running out of fuel can be quite the predicament, whether it’s due to a miscalculation or ignoring warning signs. But don’t fret! Roadside Assistance has your back. With a single phone call, subscribers can easily arrange for fuel delivery right to their location. All you have to do is provide your location, specify the type of fuel your car needs, and how much do you need. Your gas will be on its way to you in no time!

To call RSA, or not to call

If you’re hesitant about calling Roadside Assistance, consider the following:

  • Consider Your Location: If you’re stuck on a busy highway during rush hour, it’s safer to call for a tow due to the higher risk of accidents. But if you’re on a quiet, well-lit road in daylight, you might handle minor issues yourself.
  • Evaluate the Problem: Some issues, like a flat tire, are common and can be tackled if you have the right tools. However, if you’re not well-equipped or it’s not safe, call for help.
  • Check Your Tools: Don’t try repairs without the proper tools. Safety should always come first.
  • Watch the Weather: Extreme weather conditions reduce visibility and safety for roadside repairs. In bad weather, it’s best to call a towing company for assistance.

By following these steps, you can make safer choices when facing unexpected car troubles.

Get RSA coverage in your car insurance

In conclusion, comprehensive insurance offers many benefits, with Roadside Assistance being one of the most valuable. To take advantage of this service in case of emergencies on the road, you can adjust your insurance policy to include it for an additional premium. The next time you purchase your insurance policy, make sure to carefully read the details. Insurance policies vary in coverage and price, so don’t miss out on using insurance document comparison websites to compare policy features and prices. Ensure you have reliable roadside assistance coverage, because you never know when you might need it.

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