Absher Platform
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Absher Platform

Absher, an online platform and mobile app in Saudi Arabia, is a hub for diverse e-government services aimed at citizens and residents. Managed primarily by the Saudi Ministry of Interior, Absher offers access to an array of services encompassing both governmental and personal affairs. These services include traffic-related tasks like fine payments, checking violations, and updating vehicle-related information, along with checking car insurance validity in Saudi.

What is Absher?

Absher, a free mobile app launched by the Saudi government in 2015, is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It’s labeled as “the official individuals eServices Mobile Application providing Absher portal services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In Arabic, “Absher” (أبشر) translates to “your request shall be fulfilled,” encapsulating its purpose. Users can handle routine tasks like ID renewals, vehicle registration, government appointment bookings, and visa applications through this app.

 A digital transformation for efficient government services 

Absher aims to revolutionize the Saudi government’s service delivery by enhancing efficiency, minimizing physical interactions, and establishing seamless connectivity across all sectors. It aims to eliminate forgery and streamline processes for citizens and residents. Additionally, Absher plays a pivotal role in combating car insurance fraud in Saudi, reducing the burden on policyholders.

Absher Services for Drivers in Saudi

Absher offers several e-services that can help drivers, making their lives easier and more convenient. Here are a few examples:

  1. Checking Vehicle Insurance Validity: Absher allows users to check the validity of their vehicle insurance policy. This feature helps ensure that you are always driving with valid insurance coverage, which is mandatory by law in Saudi Arabia. You can renew your car insurance policy online through a price comparison website. This eliminates the need to visit an insurance company or agent physically, saving you time and effort!
  2. Access to Insurance Information: Absher provides access to various insurance-related information, such as policy details, coverage limits, and contact information of insurance providers. This centralized platform makes it easier to manage your car insurance needs.
  3. Vehicle Ownership Transfer: When selling or transferring ownership of a vehicle, you can complete the necessary paperwork and formalities through Absher. This includes transferring the vehicle insurance policy to the new owner.
  4. Paying Traffic Fines: Absher allows drivers to pay their traffic fines, parking tickets, and other fees online. This is a convenient way to avoid late fees and penalties.
  5. Accessing Traffic Services: Absher provides access to various traffic-related services, such as renewing driving licenses, booking appointments at traffic departments, and checking traffic violations. These services can be directly linked to your vehicle insurance status.

Overall, the Absher platform plays a significant role in simplifying car insurance management and streamlining related processes for citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia. It provides a convenient and user-friendly interface for accessing insurance information, renewing policies, reporting accidents, and handling vehicle ownership transfers.

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