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Car Insurance Add-on "Agency Repair vs. Workshop Repair"

Car Insurance Add-on “Agency Repair vs. Workshop Repair”

Car insurance can surely pay big repair bills and take the burden off your shoulders. […]

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Comprehensive car insurance cover all claims- wakeel

Does comprehensive car insurance cover all claims

In Saudi Arabia, when it comes to car insurance, a comprehensive policy is typically the […]

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Why Driving a car without Insurance is Wrong!

Driving a car without insurance is a huge “NO” in Saudi, it is now mandatory […]

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Tips for getting cheaper car insurance in Saudi Arabia

For every driver in Saudi Arabia, finding comprehensive car insurance that doesn’t cost an arm […]

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Comprehensive Vs TPL

Comprehensive Vs. TPL Car Insurance in Saudi

Ah, “comprehensive vs. TPL”. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone! Googling those terms probably means you’re […]

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Get the best insurance -

Help! Get the best car insurance in Saudi

What do you do right after a car crash? Panic, freeze, call your dad, your […]

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