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The difference between buying insurance from broker vs insurance company

What’s the Difference Between Insurers and Brokers

Buying insurance doesn’t merely end with choosing whether TPL or Comprehensive insurance is best for […]

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Car Accident with an Expired Driver's License

Does Insurance Cover Accidents with an Expired License

In its simplest form, Murphy’s Laws state that everything that can go wrong will happen […]

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Car insurance settlement

When should you make a claim for compensation

Believe it or not, driving could be the most dangerous thing we do on daily […]

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Dispute with Your Insurance

How to Handle a Dispute with Your Insurance?

Car insurance is something millions of Saudi car owners pay annually to avoid unexpected accidents […]

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Car buying tips

Car Buying Tips from Insurance Experts

Buying a car is what most of us consider to be a major purchase. And while […]

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What Made Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up

What Made Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up

Budgeting is a crucial skill for effectively managing your finances. Life is full of unexpected […]

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Car insurance Facts

Separating Fact from Myth in Car Insurance

The CEO of Najm Insurance Services, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sulaiman, estimated that 50 percent of drivers […]

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Car Make and Model Car Insurance

Car Make and Model: How it Matters for Insurance

Although most people are well aware of how their driving record affects their insurance rates, […]

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Car Insurance and fathers

Fathers day guide to cheap car insurance

Father’s Day is upon us! Father’s Day, celebrated around the world on the third Sunday […]

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