Here’s Why Using a Different Address for Car Insurance Can Backfire!
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Here’s Why Using a Different Address for Car Insurance Can Backfire!

Recently, you might have heard some advice going around that suggests changing your home address when you’re buying car insurance can help you snag cheaper rates. Many folks have shared stories of this nifty trick, claiming it saved them a pretty penny when they renewed their comprehensive insurance. However, here’s the catch: this seemingly clever move can actually backfire big time! Experts warn that if you make this mistake while filling out your car insurance paperwork, it could end up costing you more money than you thought you’d save by changing your address.

Keep reading to uncover the not-so-great outcomes of giving the wrong address on your insurance application – But before we do that, let’s first understand why insurance costs can differ from one place to another in Saudi!

Why your address matters

Some places see more accidents than others, and this happens for a few reasons. Things like how many people live there, the roads, how people drive, and how safe the cars are can all play a part.

In big and busy cities like Riyadh, where there are lots of people and cars, accidents are more common and can be more serious. That’s why car insurance costs more there. Insurance companies have to pay out more money for claims in places like Riyadh.

But accidents are less likely in other parts of Saudi Arabia where there are fewer cars and less traffic. So, if you try to insure the same car in a less busy area, your insurance will probably cost less.

In short, your address help insurance companies to accurately assess the risk they’re taking on and charge premiums accordingly. Now, let’s talk about how even a small change to your address can lead to big problems!

Giving a different address invalidates your car insurance policy

Using a different address to get cheaper car insurance might sound tempting, but it’s important to understand that this ‘hack’ could accidentally invalidate your car insurance policy. While it might provide some immediate savings, if you ever find yourself in an accident, you could end up owing your insurance company a substantial amount due to non-disclosure. So, it’s not just ethically wrong; it can also leave you in a tricky financial situation!

A costly lesson

A driver shared his experience online to caution others. He had received an unexpected message from his insurance company, demanding payment for a previous accident claim because he had violated the terms and conditions of the Unified Motor Insurance Policy.

“As I looked into it,” the driver explained, “I realized the problem was because I had given a different address on my insurance application than where I actually live. I did this hoping to get cheaper insurance rates by saying I lived in Al Madinah instead of Riyadh. But let me tell you, that decision had some unintended consequences.”

The driver continued, “To avoid getting into trouble with the Saudi Credit Bureau’s system, I had no choice but to pay the amount they asked for.” So, his advice to others was clear: “Make sure your address on your car insurance matches where you really live to avoid any surprises like this!”

So, can the insurance company ask me to pay for accident expenses years later?

Yes, the insurance company can request payment for accident costs at any time if it’s proven that the insurance was obtained based on false information provided by the policyholder or if important facts were concealed. These facts include things like changing your address or city or having an expired license at the time of the accident, which you couldn’t renew within 52 days of the accident.

What could go wrong if you use a different address for car insurance?

Here’s what could happen if your car insurance company discovers that you have used a different address to obtain cheaper insurance rates:

  1. Premium Adjustment. Some car insurance companies may adjust your premiums based on the correct address. This means you may have to pay the higher premiums that would have applied if you had provided the accurate address from the beginning.
  2. Recourse Right. Insurance companies have a recourse right, which allows them to demand a refund of the amount they’ve paid out to compensate accident victims. This could leave you financially responsible for reimbursing the insurance company for the claims they covered.
  3. Simah Consequences. According to the Central Bank, insurance companies have the right to report policyholders who fail to pay their dues or engage in fraudulent activities to the Saudi Credit Bureau ‘Simah’. This can negatively affect your credit history, making it harder to access various financial services from banks, financing companies, and BNPL services.
  4. Higher Insurance Rates. Car insurance fraud costs insurers a fortune annually. This is passed on to consumers who end up paying higher premiums.

Honesty is the best policy, always!

To sum it up, if you mess with your address in your car insurance papers, it could lead to serious problems down the road. Insurance companies can make you pay back the money they gave to others for accidents if they catch you fibbing. Always be honest with your insurance company so you have the right coverage and don’t run into trouble.

Instead of going down that tricky path, get to know our tips for saving on insurance rates. One of the best ways to do this is by using price comparison websites. With insurance comparison websites, it’s easy to save money and find the right insurance for you.

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