Elantra Costs More to Insure Than a BENTLEY in Saudi
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Elantra Costs More to Insure Than a BENTLEY in Saudi

Ever wondered why insuring your Elantra in Saudi Arabia suddenly feels like a luxury purchase? Hyundai Elantras are a big hit with young Saudis. They’re seen as the perfect car for someone on a budget: practical, stylish, and cheap to maintain with affordable parts. Plus, they’re super fuel-efficient, which is even more important now that Istimara renewal fees are based on fuel consumption. But buying insurance for one might be a nightmare! Apparently, buying third-party insurance for an Elantra may cost as much as insuring a high-end car. We’re talking Lexus, Mercedes, and even Bentley levels of ouch. So, what gives? Why are Elantras suddenly every insurance company’s worst enemy?

Hyundai Elantra: Super affordable, but not when it comes to car insurance!

As you know, the price you pay for car insurance depends on many factors, and most of them make perfect sense. Take sports or luxury cars for example — these cars cost a lot to fix or replace, so naturally, their insurance is expensive. The pricier the car, the pricier the parts, labor, and repair shops become.

But this logic breaks down, however, when you apply it to the budget-friendly Elantra. If you compare car insurance prices, you’ll find that third-party insurance, the cheapest kind, can cost 2,000 riyals for a Hyundai Elantra! Why? It turns out, stereotypes about Elantra drivers have a big impact on insurance prices. So, what’s this stereotype, and where did it come from?

Why are people paying more to buy insurance for an Elantra in Saudi Arabia?

To explain higher prices for Hyundai Elantra in Saudi, some experts point to the negative image this car has developed, particularly among insurance companies. This image comes from the Elantra’s immense popularity, especially with young Saudi drivers. According to Statista, Elantra was the top-selling car in Saudi Arabia in 2020, with nearly 26,400 units sold. Unsurprisingly, younger drivers statistically exhibit more risk-taking behaviors like speeding, tailgating, and committing traffic offenses. 

To add weight to this theory, Independent Arabia interviewed Saudis about their impressions of Elantra drivers. The results? Not exactly flattering — many associated Elantras with aggressive driving.

Elantra drivers are often perceived as aggressive and reckless

A report by “The Independent Arabia” paints a concerning picture of Elantra drivers. Participants described them as acting entitled, disregarding traffic rules, and indulging in reckless behavior that earned them a reputation for recklessness. This feeds into the stereotype of “you are what you drive,” where some people associate the car with the driver’s personality.

According to many, just seeing an Elantra might lead them to form negative image about the driver, even if they’re not driving recklessly. And just like people, most car insurance companies rely on the stereotype (or base their prices on the assumption) that the type of car you drive says a lot about you and your driving habits.

Accidents drive up Elantra insurance prices in Saudi

Elantra insurance prices have become significantly higher than other economical sedans for one reason only: accidents. Traffic accident statistics and previous claims are vital data for insurance companies. By analysing these statistics, they can predict risk and determine insurance prices for each car.

  • If insurance companies see a rise in accidents and claims involving a specific car model (like the Elantra), they assume a higher chance of future accidents with those cars.
  • To cover the potential costs of these accidents, companies raise the insurance price for this car model.
  • So, basically, the more accidents a car model is involved in, the higher the risk it poses for insurance companies. As a result, the insurance for that car becomes more expensive. That’s exactly why Elantra insurance prices are high in Saudi Arabia.

Save money on Hyundai Elantra insurance with these tips

  • Be a Safe Driver & Get Rewarded: Maintain a clean driving record to qualify for Najm no-claims discount
  • Shop Around & Compare Rates: Just like any purchase, insurance prices vary between companies. Don’t settle for the first quote! Compare prices from at least 3 insurance companies to find the best price — Car insurance price comparison websites in Saudi can make the job easier and help you find more discounts!
  • Try Safe Driving Programs: Safe driving programs like Tawuniya Drive monitor your driving and reward safe habits with discounts.
  • Adjust Your Deductible: Raising your deductible can lower your insurance bill, but it also means you’ll pay more upfront when you need to file an at-fault claim! So make sure to balance things out.
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