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single car accidents

How to Handle a Single-Car Accident

Not every car accident involves two cars. Although most car accidents involve more than one […]

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Car Accident Injury Claims

How to Claim Bodily Injury From an Accident

Car accidents happen any day, anywhere, and sometimes even despite all precautions. Overall, they occur […]

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When should you make a claim for compensation

Believe it or not, driving could be the most dangerous thing we do on daily […]

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Pedestrian crossing the road unlawfully

Jaywalking in Saudi Arabia: Watch Your Step!

Let’s clear things out, who’s to blame in pedestrian car accidents? Surprisingly, the person behind […]

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Insurance for Stray Camels Accidents

Compensation for Stray Camels Accidents

Nothing compares to the joy of driving on a highway in Saudi: cursing the road […]

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Car Insurance Fraud in Saudi

Car Insurance Fraud in Saudi

Fraud runs rampant in business, especially within the insurance industry. It’s defined as any deceitful […]

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سرقة السيارات السعودية

How to Claim Car Theft on Insurance

What could be worse than fumbling in your empty pockets for your car keys, other […]

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wakeel-No Claims Discount for Insurance in Saudi

No Claims Insurance Discounts in Saudi Arabia

To get the best car insurance rates in Saudi Arabia, there are two guaranteed ways […]

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Comprehensive car insurance cover all claims- wakeel

Does comprehensive car insurance cover all claims

In Saudi Arabia, when it comes to car insurance, a comprehensive policy is typically the […]

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