Skip the wait! File Your Takaful Al Rajhi Claim in Minutes
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Skip the wait! File Your Takaful Al Rajhi Claim in Minutes

Instead of wasting time finding and driving to Al Rajhi Takaful nearest branch, use their online services to submit a third-party or comprehensive insurance claim. It’s quick and easy —no long lines or waiting required!

For a step-by-step guide, here’s how to file a claim online through the Al Rajhi Takaful website.

Step 1: Submit your claim form through Al Rajhi Takaful app or website.

Insurance companies typically receive a Najm report within 48 hours of a car accident in Saudi. Once Al Rajhi Takaful has this report, you can head to the “Submit a Claim” section on the website or app to complete the process.

Takaful Al Rajhi motor claim process, Step 1.
Takaful Al Rajhi motor claim process, Step 1.

Here’s what you’ll need to provide if you need to claim Al Rajhi insurance after a car accident in Saudi Arabia:

  • Accident report number
  • Your ID/ Iqama number
  • A valid mobile number to receive an OTP later.
IBAN information
IBAN information
  • Details about the accident
  • IBAN (bank account details) for claim payments
  • Vehicle serial number (found on your vehicle registration license, “Istemara“)
  • Taqdeer accident assessment number (only applicable if you had the damage assessed at a “Taqdeer” center)

Don’t have any documents from Taqdeer? No worries! If your comprehensive insurance covers agency repair, then you’ll need to attach agency repair quotations in the next step.

Before moving on to the next step, please double-check all the information you entered is correct!

Step 2: Upload the required documents for your Al Rajhi Takaful claim.

Takaful Al Rajhi motor claim process, Step 2.
Takaful Al Rajhi motor claim process, Step 2.

Once you’ve filled out the basic details, it’s time to attach the following accident documents:

  • Accident report issued by Najm or the Traffic Department
  • A copy of the driver’s license
  • A copy of your vehicle registration (Istimara)
  • Car owner’s IBAN certificate

For bodily injury claims, you’ll also need

  • Traffic Department accident report — this report should detail the fault percentage and any injuries sustained.
  • Court-issued Arsh (Sharia-prescribed compensation for bodily injury)
  • Injured person’s ID

For claims involving theft, rain damage, or fire damage:

  • Theft: Provide a police report stamped as proof of the theft.
  • Rain damage or Fire: Submit a report from Civil Defense documenting the incident.
You'll need to enter the OTP you receive on your registered mobile number to submit your claim
You’ll need to enter the OTP you receive on your registered mobile number to submit your claim

Once you’ve attached all the required documents

  1. Click “Attach” to upload them to the website.
  2. Click “Verify” to receive a verification code (OTP) on your registered mobile number.
  3. When you get the OTP text message, enter the code in the designated field and click “Enter.”

Step 3: Get your claim number

Once your claim is submitted, you'll get a number to track your claim.
Once your claim is submitted, you’ll get a number to track your claim.

After submitting your claim, you’ll receive a reference number right away. Within two business days, Al Rajhi Takaful will send a message to your registered phone. This message will either:

  • Confirm your claim is accepted and provide a claim number for further processing.
  • Inform you of missing documents and provide a link to finish your paperwork.

If you don’t hear back within two days, call Al Rajhi Takaful’s hotline at 920004414 to track the status of your claim.

Step 4: Track your claim status

Once your claim is accepted, the Al Rajhi Takaful team will assess the damage and determine the extent of the loss.

  • For partial damage: They’ll pay to repair your car and get it back to its pre-accident condition.
  • If your car is totaled after the accident: Al Rajhi Takaful will compensate you for the car’s market value, and their team will contact you to explain the handover procedures to the (Scrapyards).

Here’s an important reminder: Your compensation amount may be reduced based on deductible, depreciation rate (per policy), and your share of the accident fault.

How long does it take for Al Rajhi Takaful to settle a car insurance claim?

Al Rajhi Takaful aims to deposit your claim payout within 5 days of receiving all your documents, if the amount is 2,000 riyals or less. For claims exceeding 2,000 riyals, expect the payout within 15 days of completing the paperwork.

What if you’re having trouble with your Al Rajhi Takaful claim

  • File a complaint through the website

Submit a complaint form on the Al Rajhi Takaful website. They’ll work to resolve your issue and update you within 10 business days.

  • Escalate to the Insurance Authority

If it’s been more than 10 days and you haven’t heard back, or you’re unhappy with Al Rajhi Takaful’s response/ final decision, you have the right to escalate your complaint further. You can do this through the Insurance Authority website or by calling 0551124800 (between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM).

For a stronger complaint, clearly explain the details and gather any documents that support your case. These documents act as evidence. Don’t forget to include your claim number and contact information too.

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