Tawuniya Drive App: Turn Safe Driving into Rewards

Tawuniya Drive App: Turn Safe Driving into Rewards

If ever you’ve needed an incentive to improve your driving habits, Tawuniya safe-driving app, Drive could give you a much-needed boost. It’s the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia to reward drivers for making safe choices on the road. In a nutshell, Drive uses smart technology to track your driving habits and then rewards you with points you can cash in for credit in your STC Pay wallet, vouchers on your favourite food delivery apps, or discounts on comprehensive insurance renewals.

Find out how Tawuniya Drive works, the rewards you can earn, and the best ways to maximize them.

What is Tawuniya Drive?

Tawuniya Drive is a free-to-install smartphone app available on Android and iOS, which aims to help you improve your driving habits and make Saudi Arabian roads safer for everyone. The app is exclusive for drivers carrying Tawuniya’s comprehensive insurance or “Sanad” and “Sanad Plus” third-party insurance.

How do safe driving apps, like Drive, work?

To track how well you stick to the rules of the road, Tawuniya Drive uses telematics technology. Think of it like any other fitness app, but for your car! This technology looks at individual driver performance, just like a fitness app would track your workouts.

Car insurance companies worldwide are embracing telematics. It helps them reduce accidents and set fairer insurance prices based on your actual driving habits, not just demographics

What information does Tawuniya Drive track

With your permission, Tawuniya Drive can collect data through your smartphone or a car sensor to help you become a better driver. This data includes factors that can influence safe driving, such as acceleration, braking, cornering, and mobile phone use. Moreover, Tawuniya Drive may consider factors like nighttime driving and total distance traveled.

The app helps you earn rewards by driving safely

Once you install the app, it runs in the background while you drive. After each trip, you’ll get a 5-star rating based on how well you drive. Think gentle acceleration, no slamming on the brakes, and keeping your phone down – all this can help you get to a perfect 5-star score.

Hold onto that perfect score for a whole week, and you’ll earn 100 points! Any bumps in the road might lower your rating to 4 stars and your points to 90. Still, even 3 stars get you 80 points. Basically, the more you drive safely, the more points you earn, unlocking more rewards!

Every 20 points you earn on the Tawuniya Drive app = 20 Saudi Riyal.

If you drive well, you can earn 20 SAR per week with Tawuniya Drive. You can use these points for free gas, a free car wash or other rewards. That’s like getting a 1,000 SAR discount on your insurance premiums just for driving safely!

With your earned points, you can unlock many different exciting rewards! For example, you can use your Tawuniya Drive points to:

  • Fill up your tank at Al Drees stations.
  • Get a free car wash at Petromin.
  • Treat yourself to a meal through Hungerstation.
  • Pay for your Uber rides with ease.

Getting a 5-Star score isn’t hard

Keeping your five-star rating intact for a whole week is quite simple — you just need to avoid these mistakes:

  • Sudden acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Sharp turns
  • Speeding
  • Using a mobile phone while driving
  • Long night-time driving

You can easily earn 100 points every week if you. On top of that, Tawuniya offers an extra 75 points every month for watching educational videos on driving behaviour, and participating in a quick survey afterward.

It’s more than just rewarding safe driving!

Sure, Tawuniya Drive rewards you for hitting the road safely, but it goes way beyond that! Here are 4 amazing features that make this app a must-have:

  1. Accident assistance: When the app detects an accident, it will immediately connect you with Tawuniya’s customer service team. They’ll assist you in reporting the accident to Najm, arrange to tow your vehicle to a repair shop, and even get you ride back home. Plus, they’ll help you file a claim – all through the app!
  2. Car Insurance Discounts: Show Tawuniya Drive you’re an excellent driver and reap the rewards! By maintaining a high driving rating, you can qualify for a discount of up to 20% on your comprehensive insurance renewal.
  3. More savings with Loyalty program: Tawuniya Drive goes the extra mile with its Drive Loyalty program. Simply by being active on the app, you gain access to exclusive discounts at over 500 stores – all on top of the weekly rewards for safe driving!

Honest reviews: do you REALLY get paid to drive safely?

Tawuniya Drive gets a thumbs up from users, scoring over 4 out of 5 stars on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Many like how easy it is to use, the variety of rewards you can earn, and how it helps them become better drivers.

What users didn’t like about Tawuniya Drive

  • Point system accuracy: Some users feel the point system that tracks your driving can be a bit unfair. For instance, you might lose points for braking in traffic or driving over potholes, making it tough to maintain a perfect score.
  • Battery drain: Users also reported that the constant tracking of your driving does mean that your battery can drain quicker than it would without the app. This can be a problem when you’re away from home and don’t have a portable charger, so it’s worth keeping in mind.

Need Help? Contact Tawuniya

If you run into any issues, Tawuniya customer service team is there to assist you.

  • Call their toll-free number: 920019990
  • Send an email to: drivesupport@tawuniya.com.sa
  • Or send a direct message @Tawuniyacare on X

Join Tawuniya’s safe driving app in a few steps

Tempted by the chance to earn rewards and save money with Tawuniya’s safe driving app? Insure your car with Tawuniya today! Use a price comparison website to find the most competitive price on a Tawuniya car insurance policy. Once you’ve secured your policy, join Tawuniya’s safe driving app in just a few steps and unlock a world of exciting rewards — it’s that easy!

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