Comparing Tawuniya’s Car Insurance Choices

Comparing Tawuniya’s Car Insurance Choices

Car insurance isn’t a boring one-size-fits-all thing. We all drive differently – Some just need the bare minimum to keep costs low, while others only buy comprehensive insurance for maximum protection. Tawuniya gets it, and that’s why they offer 3 options to fit your needs and budget: Al-Shamel, Sanad Plus, and Sanad to keep you safe. Let’s dive in and find the perfect match for your driving style & budget!

Introducing Tawuniya | Saudi’s trusted insurance provider

Standing tall as the first homegrown insurance company in the Saudi, The Company for Cooperative Insurance (Tawuniya) has been a trusted shield for Saudis since 1986. Today, Tawuniya offers over 60 insurance products across various sectors, catering to the unique needs of individuals and businesses alike – From medical and motor insurance to fire, property, and engineering solutions.

With over 30 years of experience, Tawuniya possesses a profound understanding of the Saudi market needs and the value of choice. Recognizing this, the company offers a range of convenient options, including the ease of paying for your car insurance over 12 months!

Tawuniya’s car insurance products

Sanad | Tawuniya’s Third-Party Liability Insurance

Sanad insurance has your back when it comes to third-party liabilities. This means it covers the costs if you accidentally damage someone else’s vehicle or property. It also steps in if there are injuries, whether they’re temporary, permanent, or total disability, to the other party. But what makes Sanad insurance stand out? It throws in free theft coverage, which you won’t find in most basic insurance policies in Saudi.

  • Best for: Budget-conscious drivers who only need the minimum legal requirement of third-party liability insurance.
  • Pros: Competitive price, free theft coverage, meets mandatory insurance requirements in Saudi Arabia.
  • Cons: Doesn’t cover own damage to your car, injuries to you or passengers.

Sanad Plus | Tawuniya’s TPL Insurance + Own damage

Sanad Plus gives you the best of both worlds: third-party coverage and car repair protection, all at a budget-friendly price. This option is perfect for car owners who want their car repair expenses covered. In short, Sanad Plus handles third-party claims and chips in for your car’s repair costs.

With Sanad Plus, you can claim up to 10,000 Saudi Riyals for vehicle repairs each insurance year.

What’s included in Sanad Plus coverage:

  • Injuries to third parties
  • Damage to third-party vehicles or property
  • Losses from theft (even attempted theft)
  • Repairs to your vehicle after traffic accidents
  • Best for: Drivers who want basic third-party liability insurance with some own-damage protection for their car.
  • Pros: Combines TPL with own-damage coverage (up to 10,000 SAR per year), covers theft and attempted theft.
  • Cons: You still need to pay a deductible for repairs, doesn’t offer roadside assistance.

Al Shamel | Tawuniya’s Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is the superhero of protection for drivers facing all sorts of road risks. Tawuniya’s comprehensive car insurance goes the extra mile. It covers you, your passengers, and your car in accidents, whether it’s due to collisions, vandalism, theft, fire, or natural disasters. Plus, it’s got your car’s windshield covered too.

  • Best for: Drivers who prioritize comprehensive protection for themselves, their passengers, and their car.
  • Pros: Most extensive coverage, covers personal accidents, vandalism, theft, fire, natural disasters, and windshield repair. Policyholders can also benefit from roadside assistance and Droob program.
  • Cons: Highest price point, you’ll have to pay extra to cover temporary replacement car, dealership repairs, and accidents outside Saudi Arabia.

Comprehensive Perks: what you get for free!

When you opt for Tawuniya’s comprehensive insurance, you’re in for some extra benefits at no additional cost. Here’s what you get:

Roadside Assistance: Imagine you’re out on the road, and your car decides to take an unscheduled break. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Our roadside assistance service is here to help with emergencies and breakdowns while you’re driving. We offer:

  • Towing for mechanical or electrical failures.
  • Battery charging to get you moving.
  • Fuel delivery to the nearest gas station when you’re running on empty.
  • Tire replacement to keep you rolling.

Droob Program: As a comprehensive insurance customer, you’re eligible for our ‘Droob’ program. This program includes periodic vehicle inspection and maintenance services. But that’s not all; it also covers:

  • Comprehensive claims and integrated repair services.
  • Towing your vehicle from the accident site.
  • Transporting you to your destination.
  • Initiating a repair claim after an accident.
  • Sending your vehicle to the workshop for repairs if the damage is partial.
  • Finally, returning your car to you all fixed up.

Important to Know: While comprehensive insurance is pretty awesome, it doesn’t cover absolutely everything! For instance, you might not get a temporary replacement car, repairs at a dealership, or coverage for accidents that happen outside Saudi Arabia. So, be sure to read through the nitty-gritty details of your comprehensive insurance’s basic coverage and pick any extra coverages that match your needs.

Finding the perfect Tawuniya insurance for you is easy!

When it comes to picking the right car insurance, it’s not one-size-fits-all. If you can’t figure out which of Tawuniya’s Car Insurance options is best for you, consider:

  • Your driving history: If you have a good driving record, sticking with third-party insurance may be a sound choice. But having an accident-free history also means that you qualify for discounts that can lower comprehensive car insurance premiums A LOT!
  • The value of your car: High-end cars will require higher premiums, especially for comprehensive insurance.
  • Your risk tolerance: If you are worried about accidents or damage to your car, comprehensive insurance will definitely be worth the extra cost
  • Additional coverages: Tawuniya offers a variety of add-on coverages, such as personal accident insurance, glass replacement, and rental car coverage. These can add to your premium but will be worth it if you prioritize your peace of mind.

Ultimately, the best Tawuniya car insurance product for you will depend on your individual needs and budget. We recommend using a comparison website. You can find Tawuniya’s insurance plans on most car insurance comparison websites in Saudi Arabia. So, give Saudi comparison websites to find the best deal on Tawuniya’s awesome insurance packages!

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