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A man comparing the 3 options Al Rajihi Takful offers for car insurance

Comparing Al Rajhi Takaful’s Car Insurance Policies

Established on July 1, 2008, Al Rajhi Takaful Company has become a leading local insurance […]

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What should a good car insurance policy include

What to Look for in a Car Insurance Policy

When it comes to car ownership, having the right insurance can be just as important […]

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Saudi summer destinations with Mild and rainy weather

4 Destinations to Beat the Summer Heat in Saudi

As opposed to popular belief, summer is not always hot in Saudi Arabia! In a […]

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SAMA Comprehensive Insurance Rules

How the new comprehensive insurance rules impact you

Recently, the Kingdom’s central bank and insurance market regulator, SAMA, has introduced new comprehensive car […]

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Agency car repair

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Agency Repair

Unlike third-party insurance policies, comprehensive insurance policies cover repairing your own car. Comprehensive car insurance […]

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السيارات المتضررة في السيول

Does Car Insurance Cover Rain Damage?

The torrential rain that struck Jeddah last week, flooding several parts of the city and […]

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Traffic violations can increase your car insurance rates

How Traffic Violations Affect Insurance

There are many things that you should experience at least once in your life, but […]

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Insurance Surplus Distribution

What Should You Know About Surplus Distribution

There’s a rare bit of good news for every policyholder in Saudi Arabia: Your insurance […]

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Traveling to the Qatar world cup 2022

Travelling to the World Cup 2022 From Saudi

The date of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is approaching! Since it is the […]

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