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A man comparing his car insurance options online

Top Benefits Of Comparing Car Insurance Online

Price comparison sites are a real game-changer, especially when it comes to buying car insurance […]

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An expectant man eagerly awaiting car insurance price drop displayed on a large screen.

When Does Car Insurance Go Down in Price?

“When do car insurance costs go down?” This is a common question, particularly among new […]

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Traffic violations can increase your car insurance rates

How Traffic Violations Affect Insurance

There are many things that you should experience at least once in your life, but […]

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Car insurance price hike

What is Causing Car Insurance Rate Increases

Have you noticed a price hike at your local grocery store or favorite coffee shop? […]

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Manafith short term tpl car insurance in Saudi

Manafith: Car insurance in your host country

Owning a car opens up endless possibilities, such as being able to work in a […]

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Kashta in Saudi

Desert Your Worries in Kashta

Looking for a cure for weekends losing their edge? Thankfully, things can never get dull […]

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What Made Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up

What Made Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up

Budgeting is a crucial skill for effectively managing your finances. Life is full of unexpected […]

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أسعار تأمين السيارات

6 Costly Car Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Age can play a big role in determining what you will pay for your car […]

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Car insurance Facts

Separating Fact from Myth in Car Insurance

The CEO of Najm Insurance Services, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sulaiman, estimated that 50 percent of drivers […]

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