When Does Car Insurance Go Down in Price?

When Does Car Insurance Go Down in Price?

“When do car insurance costs go down?” This is a common question, particularly among new drivers! Overall, TPL and Comprehensive insurance prices can be influenced by factors like economic conditions, industry trends, and regulations. But what truly determines the prices is the unique circumstances of each driver. Essentially, insurance companies calculate risk and will offer you a price based on how likely they think you are to make a claim. When any circumstances change, your insurance costs may either increase or decrease!

Discover which unexpected changes can lower your car insurance rates.

Navigating Savings: What can lower your car insurance costs in Saudi?

Getting older (and wiser)

If you are 25 or younger, we’ve got good news for you! With each birthday, your car insurance costs will decrease gradually until you hit 30. Typically, young drivers pay higher rates than any other age group since there’s a greater chance they’ll be involved in accidents. Besides, young drivers pay more for insurance because they lack experience. As you gain more experience behind the wheel, insurance companies may view you as a lower-risk driver. Generally, the longer you have been driving, the more likely you are to see a reduction in insurance costs.

All you can do until then is to be patient and gain more experience on the road.

A clean & clear driving history

You may already know that accidents and traffic violations can significantly impact car insurance costs. But, you may not be aware that this impact can last for several years! Often, insurance companies assess your driving history over the past 3-5 years before determining your rate. The good news is, by avoiding further violations and accidents during this period, you can demonstrate that you’re a responsible driver and potentially lower what you pay to insure your car. 

Maximizing your discount

Speaking of steering clear of accidents, the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) mandates that insurance providers give drivers a no-claims discount if they renew their insurance without any claims. Additionally, insurers are also required to offer a loyalty discount of up to 10% to customers who renew their car insurance with the same company. These two discounts accumulate over time, resulting in significant savings on your insurance premiums. For instance, in the first year, the no-claims discount is just 15% of the comprehensive car insurance renewal fee, but it goes up to 60% after five years. By maintaining these two discounts, it’s possible to maximize your car insurance savings every year.

Switching from high-risk cars to low-risk cars

SAMA has previously stated that the type of car you own plays a significant role in determining how much you pay for insurance. Choosing a “safer” car over a “high-risk” one can lower the likelihood of making a costly insurance claim. This, in turn, reduces the insurance premiums that correspond to those risks. Despite the common belief that high-end cars (e.g., luxury or sports cars) with expensive repairs are the only high-risk cars according to insurance companies, even owners of economical cars may face high insurance rates if others have a reputation for reckless driving. Therefore, safe cars are those with less risk of pricey claims, which lowers the potential costs for the insurance provider.

Here’s a tip. It’s always a good idea to compare car insurance rates before buying a new car, as prices may vary widely depending on the make and model in Saudi. Doing so can help you find the best car insurance deal for your new ride, so you can hit the road with peace of mind.

Changing your car insurance provider could be the right move

Finally, your car insurance could also simply decrease if you decided to change insurers! Many drivers stay with the same insurer for a long time, without considering a switch until they have an accident or buy a new car. But it’s worth knowing that insurance companies compete with each other by offering attractive prices and offers to lure in new customers. With this in mind, regardless of your driving history, car model, or age, it’s always wise to shop around and compare car insurance rates from different insurers. Doing so can help you find a better deal and save a significant amount of money. So, don’t limit your choices – explore what’s out there!

Make car insurance prices go down right away

All in all, car insurance prices are influenced by various factors related to risk, including age and car type, which are beyond your control. However, factors like driving record and eligible discounts can be influenced by good habits and proactive shopping. Remember that insurance companies are constantly competing for new customers, offering opportunities to save money. So, whether you’re a new driver, an experienced one, or somewhere in between, don’t miss out on comparing insurance prices using comparison websites to uncover potential savings opportunities waiting for you!

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