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تأمين السيارات للأمهات في السعودية

Car Insurance Benefits and Rewards for Mothers in Saudi Arabia

March is all about celebrating women who go above and beyond at everything they do. […]

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the price of the car insurance

6 Factors that increase your car insurance in Saudi

You may have noticed that your car insurance policy costs much more than it did […]

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transferring the ownership of a car

Your guide to transfer car ownership in Saudi

If you’ve ever bought or sold a car, you know that the journey doesn’t end […]

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Comprehensive car insurance cover all claims- wakeel

Does comprehensive car insurance cover all claims

In Saudi Arabia, when it comes to car insurance, a comprehensive policy is typically the […]

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type of insurance you need for a new car

What type of insurance do you need for a new car?

Thinking about getting a new car? When buying a car, whether it is a brand-new […]

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Motives to get third party liability Insurance in Saudi - wakeel

Motives to get third party liability Insurance in Saudi

Almost half of the cars in Saudi are uninsured! Adel Al Issa, the official spokesperson […]

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أمور يجب عليك معرفتها قبل تعديل سيارتك

Things to remember when modifying your car

Car modifications have always been a big trend among young drivers in Saudi Arabia. The […]

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Insurance terms - Wakeel

The basic car insurance terms

Let’s be honest. Car insurance terms aren’t always easy to understand. Whether you’re thinking of submitting a claim […]

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How to file a car insurance complaint in Saudi

Ever felt like your car insurance company is giving you the runaround? Well, things like […]

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