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History of Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

The History of Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

Although car insurance has recently become compulsory in Saudi Arabia. Arabs had a great understanding […]

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Hit and Run -wakeel

Will My Car Insurance Cover a Hit & Run in Saudi?

Picture this: After a long day, as you finally head to the parking; you notice […]

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benefits of having car insurance

3 Benefits of Having Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

In reality, risk is an innate part of life. We take risks every day when we eat and […]

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حوادث ما قبل الإفطار هي الأكثر في رمضان السعودية

Prevent Ramadan car Accidents, Avoid Iftar Rush in Saudi

The number of deaths from road accidents has dropped by 51 percent, Saudi Arabia’s Interior […]

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تكنولوجيا الرعاية الصحية تقود سيارات الغد - وكيل

The Health & Car insurance Benefits in Saudi

Life is more fast-paced and hectic than ever; we often find ourselves spending longer hours […]

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تأمين السيارات للأمهات في السعودية

Car Insurance Benefits and Rewards for Mothers in Saudi Arabia

March is all about celebrating women who go above and beyond at everything they do. […]

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the price of the car insurance

6 Factors that increase your car insurance in Saudi

You may have noticed that your car insurance policy costs much more than it did […]

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transferring the ownership of a car

Your guide to transfer car ownership in Saudi

If you’ve ever bought or sold a car, you know that the journey doesn’t end […]

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Comprehensive car insurance cover all claims- wakeel

Does comprehensive car insurance cover all claims

In Saudi Arabia, when it comes to car insurance, a comprehensive policy is typically the […]

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