Securing Cars by Using a Dashcam in Saudi
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Securing Cars by Using a Dashcam in Saudi

By now, you’ve likely seen thousands of in-car clips going viral on social media. It’s no surprise then that dashcams have become increasingly popular in Saudi Arabia. Many drivers use them for both insurance and security benefits. And even if you haven’t installed one yet, this blog might just convince you!

Let’s help you understand why dashcams became a must and answer one question that many people have: Do you still need TPL or comprehensive insurance with a dashcam?

What is a dashcam, anyway?

A dashcam is a small video camera mounted near your car’s dashboard or rearview mirror, continuously recording every detail that takes place on the road. That’s essentially a dashcam, aptly named by combining two words together: “dashboard” and “camera.”

Are dash cams legal in Saudi?

Absolutely! According to the Saudi Traffic Department, owning and using dashcams is perfectly legal. Just remember to mount them safely, without obstructing your view; otherwise, dashcams can actually cause an accident rather than prevent one. These handy devices can be found online or at most major electronics stores in Saudi, with prices ranging from a budget-friendly SAR 50 to hundreds for high-end models.

Even Najm relies on dashcam footage

Najm surveyors have a wish: they want more drivers to use dashcams! These little video recorders are extremely helpful for

  • Understanding how an accident happened: Ever been in a hit-and-run accident where the other driver vanished into thin air, or pointed fingers your way the instant Najm showed up? A dashcam captures the whole accident, crystal clear, ensuring everyone owns up to their side of the story.
  • Fighting an unfair report: If you disagree with the assigned fault percentage in Najm’s accident report, you can fight it! Attach your dashcam footage to your objection request, will show exactly what happened and set the record straight.
  • Reducing car insurance fraud: Knowing they’re being recorded, drivers are less likely to attempt insurance fraud, saving everyone money in the long run.

So, should you get a dashcam? If you value peace of mind and want to protect your car, the answer is a resounding yes! It’s a small investment that can make a big difference after an accident.

How to choose a dashcam in Saudi

Infographic showing six must-have features for dashcams in Saudi Arabia: video quality, night vision, battery, connectivity, storage, and parking mode. Each feature is briefly described with an icon.
Looking for a dashcam? make sure yours have these 6 must-have features

The choice is entirely yours, depending on your budget, needs, and preferences. But here are some must-have features for dashcams in Saudi:

  1. Video Quality: One of the most important factors to have in mind while buying a dashcam is the video resolution, ensure the dashcam shoots in 1080p or full-HD resolution. Also, look for a wide-angle lens that can capture 3 lanes at least.
  2. Night Vision: At night, or in other low-light conditions, the dashcam can record clear video footage of the car’s surroundings.
  3. Battery: All dash cams have a power source built in – either a battery or a capacitor. Capacitors are more heat-resistant than batteries to endure Saudi’s hot weather.
  4. Connectivity: The best dash cams come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to share and download video files directly to your smartphone or other devices.
  5. Storage: Nowadays, most dash cams accept SD cards to guarantee sufficient storage for video files and backup.
  6. Parking Mode: This is a useful function if you park your car outside your garage or on a busy street. If someone bumps into your car or breaks into it your car the footage can help track the vehicle plate number to provide necessary details to Najm/ car insurance company.

Today, it’s fair to say Dash cam culture on the rise in Saudi Arabia and it’s becoming a vital accessory in cars This is because a car dashboard camera can save you from a lot of hassle when you are involved in an unexpected incident. Particularly, the video proof will save you from any car insurance fraud attempts and it will also come in handy during Najm’s investigation.

🚨 Careful! Dashcams can’t replace car insurance

Don’t get us wrong, dashcams are great and everything – but here’s the reality: they can’t deflect accidents or pay bills when you’re at fault!

That’s where car insurance steps in. In Saudi Arabia, having at least Third-Party Liability (TPL) insurance is mandatory. Why? Because TPL will take pay the bill for damage you cause to other cars or people. If you’d like to save up on car insurance, your best bet is to shop around and compare car insurance rates in Saudi online. Use a price comparison website and get a free car insurance quote from multiple companies in just one place.

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