Summer in Saudi with Comprehensive car Insurance!
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Summer in Saudi with Comprehensive car Insurance!

After pausing our plans for nearly two years, it’s finally time to bid our worries goodbye! Just last Thursday, the Saudi Tourism Authority, via Visit Saudi, unveiled the launch of a holiday season brimming with “Summer Vibes.” Saudi Arabia is experiencing an unparalleled surge in domestic tourism, mainly due to its diverse destinations, affordable prices, and most importantly a reliable developed road network connecting all major cities.

So, if you are ready to kick that travel itch, wakeel knows exactly how to help you ensure your plans go smoothly! But before we do, prep your car a safe adventure with comprehensive insurance cover.

For the risk-takers

Edge of The World (Riyadh)

Looking for an adrenaline rush? We know exactly what you need if you’re looking for something exciting! Saudi’s topography has a lot to offer for adventure and hiking enthusiasts. Head to Riyadh to explore the Edge of the World!
The aptly named, Edge of the World, is located in Tuwaiq Mountains 90km away from Riyadh. The rocky wonder is quite the site for exploring, hiking, and enjoying the uninterrupted magnificent aerial view. It’s also the best in terms of location for stargazing, away from the city’s light pollution.

Even if you’re standing at “the edge of the world”, your comprehensive insurance policy covers you wherever you are in Saudi. Plus, your insurance covers you whenever there’s a sudden mechanical malfunction, an empty gas tank, or a punctured tire.
Our tip: Don’t let any minor inconvenience ruin your plans the slightest, get back on the road smoothly with roadside assistance service.

For the nature lovers

Al Souda Mountain (Abha)

At 3000M above sea level, Al Soudah Mountains in Abha are truly a hidden gem between the clouds. For much of the year, the weather in Abha is breezy with fog stretching all over its green heights, making it a heavenly destination for locals and tourists. Moreover, Al Soudah Mountains is also home to the vast Asir National Park. The park includes pine forests, trees and shrubs, and a wide range of endemic birds and animals.

Or, discover Al Hada Mountain (Taif)

 Just like Abha, Taif is embedded in clouds! If you want to make your summer in Saudi an unforgettable experience, don’t Taif! This city has been called the unofficial summer capital of Saudi Arabia and has also been called the best summer destination in Saudi; as it enjoys cool weather during summer, unlike the rest of Saudi’s regions.

Each year Taif holds multiple festivals in celebration of its agricultural crops harvest. Stop and smell the roses at the Taif of Roses Festival 2023, if you’re visiting between April 21 to Friday, May 5.

Our tip: Have company, the more the merrier! But make sure other drivers are covered
Whatever you do in this life, it doesn’t count, unless your friends are there. If you’re planning to travel long distances, it’s important to have someone to keep you company. Also, if you plan to take turns behind the wheel, make sure to extend your coverage to the additional driver(s) by listing their name on your policy.

For the children at heart 

Al Shallal Theme Park (Jeddah)

Take advantage of the summer season and celebrate its sunny days with your family in Jeddah; the same way the locals do. Visit Jeddah’s iconic theme park, Al Shallal, to bring out your inner child!

Al Sahallal, a large park facing the Corniche in the Al Shati neighborhood, offers rides tailored specifically to the entire family, to kids, more thrilling attractions to the older ones, arcade games, and shopping. And whether you are 5 or 50, spending a day at the whopping 60000 square meters park is easy as you fill in the hours by hopping between the amazing ice skating rink and the fascinating Amazon Forest!

For the history buffs

Al Ula (Medina)

Forget ordinary plans- how about time travel? If you are looking to unearth a historical treasure or reconnect with your roots, this one is for you!
Al-Ula is truly an “out of this world” experience, combining the charm of old ruins and the golden desert. You can easily arrive at Al-Ula by car and then take a stroll between Madain Saleh and the Hall of Mirrors in your stride.

Our tip: We always encourage policyholders to compare car insurance rates and understand what exactly the policy does cover — and what it doesn’t — before making a purchase. So, take the time to carefully inspect your comprehensive insurance policy’s coverage and learn about cases not covered under comprehensive insurance in Saudi.

Insure your car & ensure your trip

It is essential to take all precautions while preparing for any road trip, especially if the location is in a remote area. So, are you covered against stray camels? Do you know who to call when you need roadside assistance? Always ensure that you have a well-maintained vehicle and valid car insurance when heading to sandy and mountainous regions. Use a price comparison website to buy your car insurance in Saudi. We guarantee you will get access to exclusive deals, discounts, or special offers from insurers that might not be available elsewhere!

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