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How Najm’s Remote Review System Works

The General Department of Traffic, in cooperation with Najm for Insurance Services Company, launched on […]

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Manafith: Car insurance in your host country

Owning a car opens up endless possibilities, such as being able to work in a […]

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Car Insurance Add-on "Agency Repair vs. Workshop Repair"

Car Insurance Add-on “Agency Repair vs. Workshop Repair”

Car insurance can surely pay big repair bills and take the burden off your shoulders. […]

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Hit and Run -wakeel

Will My Car Insurance Cover a Hit & Run in Saudi?

Picture this: After a long day, as you finally head to the parking; you notice […]

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benefits of having car insurance

3 Benefits of Having Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

In reality, risk is an innate part of life. We take risks every day when we eat and […]

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حوادث ما قبل الإفطار هي الأكثر في رمضان السعودية

Prevent Ramadan car Accidents, Avoid Iftar Rush in Saudi

The number of deaths from road accidents has dropped by 51 percent, Saudi Arabia’s Interior […]

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تكنولوجيا الرعاية الصحية تقود سيارات الغد - وكيل

The Health & Car insurance Benefits in Saudi

Life is more fast-paced and hectic than ever; we often find ourselves spending longer hours […]

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Car Accident in Saudi Arabia

What to do after a car accident in Saudi to claim Insurance?

Most folks dread the thought of getting into a car accident, even a small one. […]

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