Tips for getting cheaper car insurance in Saudi Arabia
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Tips for getting cheaper car insurance in Saudi Arabia

Attention! Driving a car in Saudi Arabia without car insurance is illegal. If you get caught or get into an accident can result in a hefty fine. That is to say that having car insurance now is mandatory in Saudi Arabia. In truth, the traffic rules of the country are quite reasonable and help prevent financial burdens on drivers.

And while you need to buy car insurance, you don’t have to overpay for coverage you won’t use. So, start reviewing the requirements and your needs before your purchase. There are several factors that you should consider before buying car insurance.

Tips on how you can secure the best car insurance

  • Review your needs and research 

Find the best option that suits you and covers all of your basic needs.

There are two types of insurance policies in Saudi – third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

 Third-party insurance is considered to be the cheapest among the two options, it covers only the third-party car for damages in an accident. Comprehensive insurance on the other hand provides complete protection in any situation.

  • Price comparison

After you have concluded what type of insurance policy is best for you, comparing the prices of the insurance is the next task. An online comparison website is the most convenient way to find the best insurance policy and price.

  • Car model consideration

The model and type of car can also be a major factor on how much insurance will cost. Learn more about car make and model and how it matters for insurance. For example, a full-option luxurious or a sports car will cost more to insure than a family four-door mid-option sedan. Moreover, you’ll find that sports and classic car insurance in Saudi is expensive. This is simply due to higher price & higher horsepower,

  • No claims record

If you have not had an accident or had any claims against you for a year or more, Insurance companies will provide you with a quote that isn’t as high as a driver who has had an accident.

If you want the cheapest and best car insurance with no additional expenses on the coverage, then try to drive safely and abide by all traffic laws to keep your record clean. SAMA orders insurance companies to toe the no-claim discount line

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