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A man using his 5 fingers to show the 5 important details that you need to declare to your insurance company.

5 Things to Declare on Your Car Insurance

When you’re getting TPL or comprehensive insurance, insurers will ask for details about your car […]

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Saudi National Day Celebrations

Saudi National Day: Stay Safe and Celebrate!

Saudi Arabia celebrates its National Day on September 23, the date that marks the unification […]

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Car Make and Model Car Insurance

Car Make and Model: How it Matters for Insurance

Although most people are well aware of how their driving record affects their insurance rates, […]

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Car Insurance Add-on "Agency Repair vs. Workshop Repair"

Car Insurance Add-on “Agency Repair vs. Workshop Repair”

Car insurance can surely pay big repair bills and take the burden off your shoulders. […]

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تكنولوجيا الرعاية الصحية تقود سيارات الغد - وكيل

The Health & Car insurance Benefits in Saudi

Life is more fast-paced and hectic than ever; we often find ourselves spending longer hours […]

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road trip in Saudi Arabia

Car ready for a road trip in Saudi

Every year Saudi families and youth take to their cars to explore domestic tourism. Especially, now […]

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أمور يجب عليك معرفتها قبل تعديل سيارتك

Things to remember when modifying your car

Car modifications have always been a big trend among young drivers in Saudi Arabia. The […]

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