Things to remember when modifying your car
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Things to remember when modifying your car

Car modifications have always been a big trend among young drivers in Saudi Arabia. The look of having a car that is unique has always appealed to younger drivers’ as well of changing the way a car looks, drivers also sup-up the car engine for an increased performance.

Most drivers that modify their cars either making body changes or enhancing the car engine don’t realize it affects it has on your car insurance in Saudi Arabia, in a lot of ways or more than one. Customizing your car effects both your insurance cost and claims it also increases your probability of your car being rejected to be insured by an insurance company.

Modifications that can increase the cost of insurance:

  1. Boosting your car’s performance – Changes to suspension, wheel chassis, gearbox or a turbocharged engine. Changes that can affect the performance of the car can also increase the chances of road accidents. The main reason behind this is the official testing preformed on your car by the manufacturer is considered by insurance companies as a safety assurance aspect and any changes to the car’s performance performed by a car owner is assumed not safe by insurance companies in Saudi Arabia.
  • Aesthetic modifications:  Changing the look of a car can also raise your insurance.

When modifying your car, always:

  1. Use Authorized dealers:  If you are modifying your car, it is important to do so with an authorized dealership which has the right original tested parts that supports your car make. Insurance companies trust and prefer that you use authorized dealerships when compared to the third-party workshop parts which perform modifications in Saudi Arabia. Most insurers in Saudi Arabia cover modifications done by authorized dealerships. 
  2. Notify your insurance company:  If you already have insurance for your car and are modifying your car for performance or look, then you must consult and notify your insurance company. The insurance company may ask you to pay an additional premium coverage charge based on modification. Sometimes, failure to inform the insurer may result in the rejection of insurance claims.

It’s not only insurance companies you need to be wary off when modifying your car, the Saudi Traffic Department enforces fines ranging from 300 to 500 SAR and impounds modified cars that are considered to be a road hazard and do not adhere to their rules or violates traffic laws.

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When modifying your car, follow the below steps with the Saudi Traffic department:

1. Visit the nearest traffic office and inform them of your car modifications.

2. Fill out the car modification request form.

3. Your request is then referred to a traffic consultant, which evaluates the modification request and makes sure that the modifications are to road safety standards. If approved the driver will be allowed to make the modifications to his car.