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An exasperated man reviewing his car accident report, clearly unsatisfied with the findings.

Why Contesting Car Accident Report Matters

Getting into a car accident is a real hassle. Once the initial shock wears off, […]

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Ramadan car accidents

Why did Accidents Become a Ramadan Phenomenon

During Ramadan, everyone is looking for shorter working hours, and getting ready to return home […]

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Dashcams functions, benefits and impact on car insurance rates.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Install a Dashcam

Installing a dashcam, or dashboard camera has become increasingly popular in Saudi Arabia over the […]

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Saudi Driver's License

5 Things to Know After Getting Your Saudi Driver’s License

We can all agree that there’s a world of difference between what you learn in […]

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Car Accident with an Expired Driver's License

Does Insurance Cover Accidents with an Expired License

In its simplest form, Murphy’s Laws state that everything that can go wrong will happen […]

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Traffic violations Saudi

Traffic Violations to Watch Out for in Eid

With the Eid days approaching in full swing, you and your family might be spending […]

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Driving in a sandstorm

Driving in a Sandstorm in Saudi

From snowy cold winters to hot muggy summers; hails and floods, blinding sandstorms, scorching drought, […]

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Car Accessories insurance

Does Insurance Cover My Car Accessories Too?

People buy cars for many different reasons. Price, performance, safety, and efficiency all factor into […]

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Insurance for Stray Camels Accidents

Compensation for Stray Camels Accidents

Nothing compares to the joy of driving on a highway in Saudi: cursing the road […]

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