Why Contesting Car Accident Report Matters
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Why Contesting Car Accident Report Matters

Getting into a car accident is a real hassle. Once the initial shock wears off, you might face another problem – figuring out who was at fault and how much responsibility each party bears. The at-fault driver will have to cover the injuries and losses, which could mean higher TPL and Comprehensive insurance rates down the road – not fun! It’s a no-brainer when someone makes an obvious mistake, and fault is clear. But things get tricky when drivers involved can’t agree on what or who caused the accident. A car accident report isn’t immune to mistakes either; sometimes, fault percentages don’t accurately represent what truly happened, and important details may be misrecorded.

Fortunately, for such situations, Najm offers the option to modify car accident reports to rectify errors, establish fair liability, and ensure proper compensation.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of contesting accident reports and show you how to get the fair compensation you deserve for the damages you’ve endured. Read on!

Knowing when to contest the accident report

If you ever feel like the Najm report didn’t quite get the whole story right, don’t hesitate to speak up and point out any errors you spot. Specifically, consider contesting the accident report in the following circumstances:

  1. Incorrect Fault Attribution. If the report wrongly assigns fault to you or another party, contesting the report is warranted to ensure an accurate representation of responsibility.
  2. Undetected Car Damage. If the report does not accurately reflect the damage, raising objections is essential to avoid potential discrepancies in compensation.
  3. Missing Party Involvement. If the report fails to mention a party who was involved in the accident, contesting becomes necessary to ensure all relevant details are considered.

What could go wrong if you don’t contest an error in an accident report?

Overall, Najm’s accident report aims to sort out the accident details and figure out who might be at fault, which plays a role in the insurance claims process later on. But, if the report has some incorrect or missing info, you might face some not-so-great consequences:

  1. Getting Less Compensation. Taking the blame for something you didn’t do, could mean ending up with lower compensation or even having your claim rejected by the insurance company. Besides, if the report misses some damages, you might have to pay for those repairs from your own wallet!
  2. Higher Insurance Prices. As the fault percentage goes up in the report, insurance companies see you as a higher-risk driver, which could mean shelling out more for car insurance down the line.
  3. Loss of No-Claims Discount. The error might also put your no-claims discount at risk, making it harder to secure cheaper insurance rates!

The purpose of contesting the accident report is to rectify any errors or discrepancies that might have been recorded and establish a fair and reliable account of the events that occurred during the accident. To protect your rights, use Najm’s e-service to contest your car accident report.

Contesting Najm’s car accident report

Najm e-services allow involved parties to request modifications, corrections, or additional information to ensure a more accurate representation of the accident.

Is there a time limit for contesting a car accident report in Saudi?

You can submit a contesting request within 10 days from the date of the accident report. Remember, requests submitted after this period won’t be considered.

Valid grounds for contesting accident reports

  • If Najm’s investigator didn’t give drivers enough time to explain the accident details.
  • Or, if the investigator failed to clarify the reasons for assigning fault.
  • When the insurance company uses the right of recourse to recover costs.

How to modify a Najm accident report

Contesting a traffic accident report with Najm is easy and can be done through their website or the smart Najm app on the Apple Store or Google Play. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in with your ID number and password.
  2. Access the main Najm services page.
  3. Select “Contestations” and then click “New Contestation.”
  4. Choose the accident number you want to contest.
  5. Pick the type of contestation, such as challenging the accident percentage, adding damages, or involving another party.
  6. Specify the reason for your contestation from the list provided.
  7. Since this service requires personal appearance, select the city, date, and suitable appointment.
  8. Write a statement explaining your contestation and attach any supporting documents.

Finally, if the report contains errors, the committee will accept your request and update the report accordingly. If the report is accurate, the regular post-accident procedures will continue.

3 Tips to make your case stronger

  1. Provide detailed information. Providing as much relevant information as possible to support your claim and make it convincing.
  2. Refer to traffic laws. : Take some time to familiarize yourself with traffic laws and regulations. Use this knowledge to back up your case, showing that you followed the rules or proving the other party’s violation of necessary regulations.
  3. Review camera footage. In your request, consider including camera footage if available, particularly from dash cams. Dash cams can provide valuable insights into how the accident occurred and help determine fault.

All in all, following these practical steps and helpful tips, will give you the confidence to contest the accident report effectively, preventing any unwarranted insurance price increases.

Remember, nothing is worse than facing financial losses without proper insurance coverage! Insurance safeguards you from shouldering the burden of accident costs when you’re at fault and ensures you receive timely and fair compensation when you’re the victim. So, don’t forget to use car insurance price comparison websites to find the perfect coverage that matches your specific needs.

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