Travelling to the World Cup 2022 From Saudi

Travelling to the World Cup 2022 From Saudi

The date of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is approaching! Since it is the first World Cup to be hosted in the GCC, everyone is looking forward to attending these matches and their events; to those fans wishing to attend the World Cup matches scheduled in Qatar during November and December; the Qatari government announced that you can enter Qatar by land with private cars from Saudi Arabia through the Abu Samra port. Prepare your match tickets, and your car equipped with comprehensive insurance, and let us start planning to reach Qatar in peace and security!

How to get to Qatar from Saudi Arabia

The official authorities in Qatar to organize the FIFA World Cup 2022 announced that everyone can enter Qatar and enjoy the atmosphere of the World Cup without the need to have match tickets starting from the 2nd of December. In addition, the Qatar Projects and Legacy Committee announced a campaign (Hayya 1+3); which allows any non-Qatari fan to invite 3 people with his ticket number to attend the tournament without tickets! Provided that the applicant is at least 18 years old and has a valid passport, and must provide the place of residence. In addition to that, everyone benefiting from this campaign must pay a fee of $137 (equivalent to approximately 500 Qatari riyals), except for those under 12 years old.

More importantly: How do you get to Qatar from Saudi Arabia? As the most important question being asked regarding the World Cup; the Here For You platform has summarized the means of transportation available to reach Qatar through Saudi Arabia:

Getting to Qatar by car

By car. Abu Samra port, which is the land border of the State of Qatar, and it directly connects with Salwa Road. And since the condition of this street is excellent, your driving will be hassle-free, God willing. Also, once entering the Qatari borders, whoever holds the Haya card can park his car in the parking spaces designated for visitors within the Qatari borders; provided that the following instructions are followed:

  • Register for a Haya card for one day through the platform or the application.
  • Reserve a parking spot through the app.
  • The card holder will then receive a QR code that will be scanned at the entrance to the car park.
  • Passengers will be transferred from the parking lot to the passenger terminal at Abu Marra for other transportation that will take them to their destination.

((For a period of 24 hours, the parking will be free, but a fee will be charged after the 24 hours, and if 48 hours have passed, a fine will be imposed and the vehicle will be impounded))

Getting to Qatar by air

By plane: and that will be through 3 destinations:

  • Jeddah. Traveling from Jeddah Airport to Hamad International Airport: The driver must park his car in the Al-Hujaaj building and then take the bus to Al-Hujaaj’s terminal (its best to arrive 3 or 4 hours before take-off)
  • Riyadh. Traveling from Riyadh Airport to Hamad International Airport: Passengers must park their cars at Marsool Park and take the bus to King Khalid International Airport, Terminals 3 and 4, 4 or 5 hours before departure.
  • Dammam. Traveling from Dammam Airport to Hamad International Airport: Passengers must head to the parking lot of King Fahd International Airport 3 or 4 hours before the plane takes off

((Before traveling, every traveler must make sure that he has his passport, his Hayya card, and a valid residence in Saudi Arabia, in addition to an exit and return visa only for Saudi residents of non-Gulf countries. In addition, it must be taken into account that each passenger is allowed to carry one bag only, and it is placed either under the seat or in the overhead storage of the plane))

What you need to travel to the World Cup in Qatar

 Before you pack your bags and get ready, make sure you have everything you need to travel:

  • Your Hayya Card
  • Any documents that Customs and Immigration may require, including a match ticket from FIFA
  • Review of the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar in terms of any guidelines that have been announced; especially if they relate to COVID-19
  • Continuously review the mowasalat website for the latest developments and instructions; as the instructions mentioned in this article may change at any moment.
  • Also, if you are determined to travel by vehicle, it is very important to purchase comprehensive vehicle insurance with geographical expansion; as well as the roadside assistance feature in order to avoid any difficulties that you may encounter during your travels.

Geographical expansion is a feature that covers your car against any potential accidents or damages that may occur outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; so, this will definitely come in handy when you park your car inside Qatar and leave it for 24 or 48 hours or use it within the Qatari borders; At the end of the day, the right coverage equals safety!

What is required to enter Qatar by private car during the World Cup?

Updated Entry Requirement, December 6th

“GCC citizens and its residents will be allowed to enter the country without the need to obtain a Hayya card for non-ticket holders as of December 6th.”

Ministry of Interior, Qatar

Fans who wish to drive across the border into Qatar will be able to do so under certain conditions:

  • Obtaining a vehicle entry permit through the Hayya Qatar 2022 application
  • The driver must have a prior hotel reservation in Qatar through the Qatar Accommodation Agency for at least five nights.
  • The number of vehicle passengers, including the driver, must not exceed 6 and not less than 3 passengers.
  • Pay the vehicle entry permit fees and insure the vehicle against third parties inside Qatar.

Steps to obtaining a car permit

Update: GCC visitors can drive to Qatar for free, as of December 6th.

 The Ministry of Interior announced removing the QR5,000 fee for GCC nationals and residents who wish to drive to and around Qatar during the World Cup.

Ministry of Interior, Qatar

Submit a request to obtain a vehicle entry permit through the Hayya platform, and if approved, you will receive an email containing a link to electronically secure the vehicle against others.

After purchasing the insurance, you must proceed with the issuance of the permit and payment of the permit fee of QR 5,000. Keep in mind that the vehicle entry permit is only used once; That is, multiple visits are not allowed. Also, note that the car will not be able to reach the restricted areas and closed roads around the stadiums and central Doha; In order to make room for buses of fans to move between stadiums.

But if you are traveling by car to avoid paying a large sum for airline tickets and savings, paying 5000 Qatari riyals still seems a lot; Especially if you plan on attending one match.

Now that all transportation is provided, you can enjoy the FIFA World Cup experience! It’s time for excitement and competition while ensuring maximum protection – insure your car by comparing many insurance companies. Support your favorite team in the World Cup!

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