How to Get Compensated for Road Defects

How to Get Compensated for Road Defects

Road defects are not just a headache for drivers; they’re a silent menace that can wreak havoc on your vehicle and road safety. Eye-opening statistics from Arab countries highlight a surprising fact: poor road conditions, like those pesky potholes, come second only to human errors as a leading cause of accidents. Now, that’s a roadblock we need to address! This begs the question: Can you claim compensation when your car falls victim to these road hazards? And who’s responsible for footing the bill?

In brief: you have the right to seek compensation from the authorities in charge of the road where it happened. And if you have comprehensive car insurance, there’s another option. Let’s explore the details!

Road defects, potholes, bumps, and your car

Inadequately maintained roads pose increased risks for drivers and their vehicles, with various road defects like potholes, cracks, ruts, bumpy surfaces, poorly designed speed bumps, and loose debris making matters worse. These conditions not only heighten the likelihood of accidents and injuries but also lead to costly repairs. For instance, these defects can cause a range of car issues:

  • Potholes: These dreaded road depressions can harm tires, suspension systems, alignment, and even a vehicle’s frame upon impact.
  • Cracks, Ruts, and Uneven Surfaces: These road imperfections can lead to tire wear and suspension damage over time.
  • Poorly Designed Speed Bumps or Road Bumps: These can damage the car’s undercarriage.
  • Loose Debris and Gravel: These can cause windshield and paint damage.

To address this, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics in Saudi Arabia allows car owners to claim compensation for damages caused by these road defects. This step aims to ease the burden on drivers and emphasizes the importance of maintaining safe and well-kept roads

Bouncing back from bumpy roads: claiming compensation for car damage

  1. If your car is damaged, pull over and report the accident from the scene.
  2. Reach out to the traffic police (in urban areas) or the highway security authorities (on highways) to obtain an accident report detailing the damage and its causes.
  3. Visit an assessment center (Taqdeer) to estimate the repair cost.
  4. Submit the report to the appropriate road authority (like the Ministry of Transport or the municipality) to process your claim.

** Note that the Ministry of Transport is responsible for roads outside urban areas, dirt roads, and agricultural roads, while municipalities handle roads within residential areas.

While municipalities handle road defects, car insurance offers a quicker, more convenient, and potentially more cost-effective solution, protecting both your car and finances without unnecessary delays.

Does comprehensive car insurance cover pothole damage?

Yes, comprehensive car insurance covers pothole damage and various other incidents, like hitting fixed objects or encountering road defects such as potholes, sinkholes, and bumps.

Generally, insurance companies handle claims more efficiently, striving to resolve them within about 15 working days. Whereas, dealing with municipalities might take longer to process your claim.

Claiming for road damage on car insurance

  1. Submit all relevant documents and the claim form to your insurance company.
  2. You will receive a claim number.
  3. After verifying that the accident complies with your insurance document’s terms and conditions, the compensation amount, minus the deductible, will be deposited into your bank account.

The benefit of having comprehensive insurance is the convenience it provides. You’re only responsible for your policy’s deductible, which is a set amount you pay upfront before the insurance company handles the rest. The good news is that filing a claim with your insurance typically won’t raise your premium, especially if it’s considered a no-fault claim. This streamlined process helps ease the process for policyholders.

Tips for dodging road defects

To steer clear of road defects and their potential damage, keep these safety tips in mind:

  1. Keep your eyes on the road and be aware of what’s ahead.
  2. Maintain a safe following distance to have a better view of what lies ahead on the road.
  3. Don’t change lanes abruptly without knowing what’s in the adjacent lane.
  4. Reduce your speed on poorly maintained roads.
  5. Be cautious when encountering water on the road, as it can hide the depth of potholes.

By following these tips, drivers can minimize the risk of encountering road defects and protect their vehicles from harm.

Make smart choices for safe travels

In summary, when it comes to swiftly recovering from road-related setbacks like potholes and cracks, comprehensive car insurance emerges as an efficient and hassle-free choice. It offers coverage for damages caused by road defects and boasts a streamlined claims process, typically resolving claims within 15 working days. This option not only safeguards your vehicle but also your financial well-being, ensuring minimal delays.

When considering car insurance, it’s wise to compare prices to find the best insurance for your needs. We recommend using a trusted price comparison website to make an informed choice and ensure both your safety and financial security on the road. Stay safe!

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