FAQ’s General 

What is wakeel?

wakeel is a secure, transparent and trusted price comparison platform, allowing users to select, compare and buy car insurance, in a few simple steps.

Who is behind wakeel?

wakeel, officially registered under Preminen MENA is a joint venture between global expert Preminen Price Comparison Holding and MIG Holding. Both entities come with deep expertise in the insurance, business and online price comparison world, reflected through wakeel.

What services does wakeel offer?

wakeel provides an efficient and transparent platform that allows customers to browse a diverse range of insurance policies, provided by professional insurers. wakeel ensures that all insurance policies, whether TPL or Comprehensive, can be easily searched for, compared and include all the required information for clients to make better-informed decisions. 

wakeel’s team provides exceptional customer services, to ensure a smoother journey. 

Why should I choose wakeel?

wakeel is the only price comparison site in the MENA region, to provide real-time quotes from dozens of insurance companies, based on the required criteria. wakeel allows the user to make their preferred choice, without highlighting preferential rates or offers, from insurance companies. It is a completely transparent platform.

Does wakeel provide insurance coverage?

wakeel does not provide insurance coverage. Rather, it provides insurance policies from its partner network, based on the customers’ requirements, in a clear, transparent and efficient way. 

What types of insurance policies can I buy on wakeel?

Currently, there are two types of insurance policies that customers can buy on wakeel.

  • Third-party liability (TPL) insurance: TPL is mandatory insurance, required by law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It provides third-party liability coverage.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Comprehensive insurance is a complimentary type of insurance that covers the insured vehicle, as well as third-parties. It can include damages to the insured vehicle, as well as third-party vehicle, in the case of accidents or total loss. In addition, it can include coverage in the case of fire, theft or natural disasters. 

Each insurance policy offers different terms and conditions based on the provider and required coverage. Customers are strongly recommended to read the terms and conditions, to understand the cover that they are insured under.

How much does it cost me to use wakeel.com?

wakeel offers users a free experience, when using the platform. wakeel does not charge any costs or subscription fees to the user. Users can browse and explore as many policies as required, at no additional cost.

FAQS on buying a quote

Can I pay online?

Yes, you can manage all of your transactions and payments on the wakeel website. Renewals can also be automatically managed through the platform.

Is the site secure?

Yes, wakeel.com is secure, with several layers of protection added, to safeguard confidential information, payment information and other related data. Your accounts are password protected, and when accessing sensitive information, you will be asked to provide a One-Time-Passcode (OTP) that is sent to your registered device. 

I saw a policy, but then the price changed the next day. Why?

All insurance policy prices listed on wakeel.com, reflect the most-timely indexed price, as set by the insurance companies. As a result, prices may change, at the discretion of the insurer, based on regulatory issues, the insurance cover criteria you input into the system, the duration between searches etc.

wakeel’s brand promise is to continually provide customers with the most comprehensive range of insurance policies, in the most transparent and efficient way. This is why we give you the choice to compare, to empower you to own your own journey.

I have not had any accident for the past couple of years. Do I still need to insure my car?

Yes, Insurance policies on Vehicles on yearly basis is advisable which will reduce you financial burdens of financial claims resulting from accidents.

During the buying process of the Insurance on wakeel, are we required to upload a copy of my national ID or personal documents? 

wakeel will not ask you to upload your National ID or personal documentation. wakeel confirms all information provided with the National Information Center and with the relevant official authorities (ELM).

FAQS after purchase 

Once my Insurance policy is purchased will all my Insurance information be updated on the National Information center?

Yes, all party’s information will be updated on the Saudi National Information center.

Can you transfer the insurance of used car from one individual to another for when a car is sold to a new driver?

According to Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency regulations, car insurance cannot be transferred from one person to another. A new insurance policy must be obtained if a new vehicle is purchased or in case of an ownership transfer. 

How safe and fast is it to use the wakeel website to buy your insurance and how long will it take for me to receive my insurance policy once purchased?

wakeel provides safe and secure payment channels (including SADAD, mada). Once the insurance is bought online from wakeel, your insurance policy will then be issued on the spot, and the policy will immediately be sent to your Email address registered on wakeel. You will also be able to view and download your policy from the wakeel website. 

I have a few days left on my insurance policy before it expires, Can I renew my car insurance early?

Yes, you can renew your car insurance before your current policy expires. We recommend you renew your car insurance before it expires. To renew your car insurance just log onto wakeel.com and click on “Renew Policy” from your dashboard.

My current insurance expired and I have not renewed by insurance yet, Can I renew my car insurance in next couple of weeks? 

No, it is advisable to renew your Insurance policy immediately before the current one expires. This is advisable to avoid paying full traffic accident claims, or getting a no-claim discounts (NCD).

How are the No Claims Discount (NCD) calculated and am I eligible for a discount? 

Discount rate – TPL 10% Comprehensive 15%: 

A car that has been insured for a year with no traffic accident claims will be eligible for a 10% discount for Third Part Liability (TPL) or a 15% discount for Comprehensive Insurance coverage.

Discount rate – TPL 20% Comprehensive 25%:

A car that has been insured for two years with no traffic accident claims will be eligible for a 20% discount for Third Part Liability (TPL) or a 25% discount for Comprehensive Insurance coverage.

Discount rate- TPL 30% Comprehensive 35%: 

A car that has been insured for three Years or more with no traffic accident claims will be eligible for a 30% discount for Third Part Liability (TPL) or a 35% discount for Comprehensive Insurance coverage.

Do I get lowest fastest competitive insurance rates when comparing and buying insurance from wakeel?

Yes, wakeel will always provide the lowest competitive prices in the market the fit your car insurance needs. 

What is the serial number of the vehicle?

The serial number of the vehicle is the number located at the bottom of the vehicle’s official identification card.

What affects the pricing of a policy?

All insurance companies have a certain way of calculating the price of a policy it could be based on but not limited to, vehicle type, the age of a driver, area and purpose of the vehicle, previous claims and car accidents.

What if the information I entered into wakeel was false?

Based on the regulations of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), as well as Insurance providers, if any false information is provided, Insurance companies have the right to repossess insurance claims. 

Can I buy an insurance policy with an expired National ID or Iqama card? 

An insurance policy cannot be bought with an expired National ID or Iqama.

Can I cancel my Insurance policy and get a refund on wakeel’s website?

You cannot cancel or get a refund on your insurance policy on the wakeel website. For cancellation and refund policies contact your insurance provider directly.

Does wakeel have any association with the compensation claims?

For compensation of claims, you need to contact your insurance company directly.