Privacy Policy

wakeel has come to bring transparency to the market by providing online comparison services (the ‘’Services‘’) to all users allowing you to browse, order or purchase insurance products (‘’Products‘’). 

We care about our users so we are committed to protect the personal data and privacy. We respect the privacy of every individual who visits our site and have developed this policy because we want you to feel confident about the privacy and security of your personal information.

Please remember that, if you access and use our website, you agree to be bound by and act in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy. If you do not or cannot agree, you are not permitted to access and use the website and you should immediately stop using, or accessing the content.

wakeel’s Privacy Policy is designed to inform you about our data collection practices, the ways we collect data, what kinds of data we collect, why we collect it, how we use information we collect, with whom we share it, and what are your rights, regarding your personal data, together with what kinds of security we use to protect the information you provide.

We highly recommend that you read this privacy policy to ensure that, you understand the practices which are applicable to wakeel’s services that may be provided through the entire region. 

What does personal data and personal data processing mean?

Personal data means, all the information relating to an identified or identifiable individual. These may include your name, surname, ID No., date of birth and place, mobile phone, telephone, e-mail, address, any and all other personal data of yours that may be required in order for the insurance companies to be able to offer you the best price – such as: city and region, vehicle type, plate no., license no., chassis no., vehicle model and year, usage details, vehicle information, location information and other related data.

Processing means any operation, which is performed upon personal data such as collection, recording, storage, preservation, alteration, adaptation, disclosure, transfer, retrieval, making available for collection, categorization, or blocking its use by wholly or partly automatic means, or otherwise than by automatic means, which form part of a filing system. In order to provide our services, we need to collect and process personal data about you and disclose this information to a limited number of third party service providers.

Scope of the Policy

Please be aware that this privacy policy applies only to this site. Within this site, you may see links or references to other websites which are not covered by this policy and are likely to have different information practices. We therefore encourage you to read the privacy policy of each website you visit. We provide these references and links for your convenience; they should not be construed as an endorsement of such sites, their content, or their information practices. You are solely responsible for any interactions you may have with such websites.

How wakeel use your personal data and who we share it with

We process your personal data with the aim of providing you the best comparison services with the insurance companies that we have agreements with, in order to put before you the best offers, so you can freely compare and decide among the different options in the market. Your privacy is very important to us so we have designed our Privacy Policy with the objective of maintaining your trust, confidence and respecting your right of protecting your personal information. 

Your personal data will be processed for the calculation of the best price, preparation and recording of all the required documents, data storage, reporting, informational purposes, tax requirements, information technologies requirements, need of support services, getting in contact with yourselves for sharing required information for the facilitation of proper formation of contracts with the insurers, comparative product and service proposal creation, modeling, statistic purposes, research and/or development for current or upcoming products, potential client determination purposes and mainly improvement of our services. We will, in consequence, manage your insurance with us, including underwriting, claims handling and statistical analysis. 

Furthermore, your personal data will also be used in order to prepare and share bulletins/newsletters, advertisement and promotions of our products and services, customer satisfaction surveys, market researches and designs of other services that may be required during insurance brokerage services.

wakeel will only disclose your information outside our service in the following cases:

  • To Official administrative bodies or within our Group companies
  • To Institutions such as tax offices, ministries, Social Security Institution and others due to applicable law
  • If we have your permission
  • If we are required or permitted to do so by law

Collection of Information

wakeel only collects data strictly in accordance with the local regulations and international standards of data protection. We obtain your personal data within the framework allowed by the Data Protection Law, and for a specific, clear and legitimate aims. We are committed to compliance with the Data Protection Law and take seriously the responsibility of handling personal data. To this end, we endorse the Data Protection Principles and will ensure that all appropriate procedures are in place, so that all personal data processed, obtained, held or used by us is protected and managed in accordance with the Data Protection Law. 

wakeel shall request a minimum information for the product required, and shall collect the remaining information from the National Information Center. By entering your minimum information, the User authorizes wakeel to collect all the remaining data from the National Information Center. This data, from the National Information Center, along with insurance companies quotations, shall be stored and used by wakeel.

wakeel shall store all data in a local database and apply the highest security levels, in addition to all protection systems which have been required by SAMA.

In order to provide our services, we need to process and obtain personal data about you and disclose this information to a number of third party service providers, as mentioned above. This includes collection of any personal data, as defined within the Data Protection Laws, or additional data collected by us ,not directly obtained via our website, but from third parties like insurance companies.  

The User shall create a customer account during the quotation process, so all User’s personal information and the insurance products are available at any time. The customer account password must be complicated and should not be shared with anyone including wakeel Team. This password must be changed by the User frequently and, in case there is any hack suspicion, please notifying wakeel immediately.

Exchange of Information

wakeel will primarily share and transfer your personal data for storage and preservation services in virtual clouds. Your personal data will be stored and processed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well.

Rest assure we do not sell, transmit or share, User’s identifiable personal data with third parties without your consent, except those needed to operate our Website ,or conduct  business by providing services to you.

Your personal data may be used also for the following purposes:

  • Offer, manage and administer insurance products and services, including underwriting, reinsurance and claims handling purposes and, may include disclosing your data to other insurers, reinsurers, regulatory authorities or companies that collaborate with us
  • Considering any request for products you may make in our Website
  • Many of our users have told us that they appreciate extra information about their insurance quote from the partner who has submitted the price you liked the most. For this reason, by agreeing to the conditions laid out in this Privacy Policy, you agree that your details may be used by us, the product or service provider or, where they are involved, their appointed representatives, or an intermediary, who can contact you. They are entitled to help you only about this particular quotation and ,only for a limited period of time.
  • Provide us the necessary tools to improve and/or develop new and innovative products and services

By entering your details onto our website, you are consenting to such use of your personal data. wakeel will only disclose your data to third parties for a specific purpose and:

  • If it is necessary for the provision of any product/service agreement 
  • You have given your consent to this policy
  • The disclosure is required or permitted by law

We do provide the latest and best technology that can imply changes in the way wakeel collects, records and uses your personal data. If the changes could impact you significantly, wakeel will inform you accordingly, by email and/or by a notice of amendment on the site, at least 30 days before the changes become effective. If you continue to use wakeel for a further 60 days, we will assume you have consented to the changes.

Use of Personal Information for Marketing Purposes

All the data that you provide us during your experience with wakeel, may be used by us, other companies of the group or trustable third parties for:

  • analysis and/or research purposes 
  • personalizing your user experience and improving our quality service and product/service offering
  • providing special offers, contests, conduct surveys or others
  • maintaining that you are duly informed about your products and services

You will always have the option to opt out of any further communication from wakeel.

Cookies and network settings

Your personal data will be collected with “cookies”, that are useful for your computer to automatically recognize us. These cookies help us understand your interests by collecting user’s data, storing information or analysing traffic on the Website. Therefore, wakeel can customize and develop the Website’s content according to the visitor’s preferences.

No Warranties

Despite wakeel’s best efforts, our service cannot warrant that this site, or the server that makes it available, are free of viruses or other harmful components, or other contaminating or destructive properties be transmitted, or that no damage will occur to your computer system. You have the sole responsibility for adequate protection and back up of data and/or equipment and for undertaking reasonable and appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses or other destructive properties. The user assumes the entire cost of all necessary maintenance, repair or correction of its own hardware or software.

wakeel cannot warrant the accuracy, functionality or performance of any third-party software that may be used in connection with the site or the services offered through this site.

Your rights

Please be informed that you are entitled to specific rights arising from the Data Protection Laws, among them:

  • To be informed whether your personal data is processed or not
  • To request further information from us if your personal data have been processed
  • To be informed on the purpose of the data processing and on whether your personal data have been used in line with that purpose
  • To request correction of the inaccurate or missing personal data
  • To request deletion or removal of the personal data
  • To request the correction/deletion/removal of your personal data, which is communicated to third parties to whom the data has been transferred to.

Copyright and Trademarks

Also wakeel owns the trademarks and trade names, including wakeel and all other derivatives thereof, which may only be used by licensees to whom we specifically grant or license such rights. You agree not to use, disseminate, publish or reverse engineer any content, or other intellectual property rights in this Website, without our prior written consent.


wakeel reserves the right to change any content on the Website, including the Terms and Privacy Policy, without any notice. An updated version of the Terms and Privacy Policy will always be available at the link on the Website and that version available at the time of the purchase will apply to the purchase.


Any notices under the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy may be delivered to you electronically and, such notification shall be deemed valid. Notices to us can be delivered electronically to us at

Applicable law and competent courts

This Privacy Policy applies to your use of the Website and is compliant with the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By using the Website you expressly consent and agree to the governing law and jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the policy and, any dispute over the content of the Website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, irrespective of your geographical location.

Policy Updates

This privacy policy has been updated on: 9/6/2020.