Car Insurance Benefits and Rewards for Mothers in Saudi Arabia

Car Insurance Benefits and Rewards for Mothers in Saudi Arabia

March is all about celebrating women who go above and beyond at everything they do. To mark Mothers Day on March 21st, we want to celebrate women who work full-time, raise children, run the household and still manage to squeeze personal time into their hectic schedules. As more Saudi women are on the road now, it might seem like there is a lot to think about when it comes to ensuring everyone’s safety and getting the best car insurance. We have prepared a guide to help you get the best car insurance, freebies or discounts in Saudi Arabia.

Choose your car carefully

First and foremost, look for a car that meets the demands of your lifestyle and list your “must-have” features like the car’s performance and seating. If you’ve got more than one child, or carry loads of luggage with you a sports car isn’t going to cut it. Plus, sports and classic car insurance is often more expensive than insurance for an economic car; because those “nice to have” features are worth a fortune for insurance companies. The same applies to modified cars which insurance companies classify as a risk factor.

So, prioritize safety features in your car; as it will qualify you for a lower car insurance rate or a discount from Saudi car insurance companies.

Play it safe with Add-ons

When differences are considered between TPL and Comprehensive, typically the first is less costly. TPL covers you against third-party damages and losses, whereas comprehensive car insurance will cover your own damages as well.

In most cases, insurance policies will offer you extensive coverage and hardly-needed add-ons at extra cost. You have much to chew on questions like “Where do I drive usually? How far do I commute?” to be able to determine your needs.

Be a bargain hunter

Since Saudi Arabia lift the driving ban on women, insurance companies started offering incentives for more women to hit the road. This includes educational campaigns and free services like roadside assistance. Moreover, insurance companies in Saudi Arabia offer promotions and discounts on women-related occasions. Browse a price comparison website and get the most of deals during Eid, End of the year, National Day, and even Mothers Day to find the cheapest car insurance.

NCD and Loyalty Discount

SAMA instructed insurance companies to reward customers, who have a claim-free record, with a no-claim discount that guarantees 10%-30% off your subsequent car insurance premium. You can inquire about your discount and apply for a no-claims certificate on Najm’s official website.

As for new female drivers, you stand a chance to avail of a 10% loyalty discount. However, this loyalty discount is only valid when you renew your car insurance policy with the same company once it expires and there is no gap in the coverage.

In order to keep a clean driving record that qualifies you for a discount, you have to play by the rules:

Parent & Child Driving Safety Guide

  • Ensure that all children are seated in the back – Saudi traffic authorities have started imposing fines on drivers who let kids sit in the front seat.
  • Make sure that the children are always buckled up or properly secured in child car seats.
  • Commit to phone-free driving, and avoid distracted driving.
  • Remember to pull over when you need to calm a toddler, slamming the brake to look back puts everyone at high stakes.
  • Plan always; if you ever find yourself short on time, be careful and avoid speeding or any other act of irresponsible driving.
  • Be aware of school zones and obey all traffic signs, signals, and road markings.
  • Enable child-safety lock; children are naturally curious about their surroundings and will always explore.
  • Do not leave children alone in the car.

A final tip for mothers shopping for car insurance

As a mom, keeping your children safe while driving is a top priority. Besides practicing safe driving and using car seats correctly, having comprehensive car insurance is like an added safety net for you and your little ones. It’s that extra layer of security when unexpected things happen on the road. When you’re thinking about insurance, checking out different options is a smart move. Try using price comparison websites—they’re super handy. They help you check out different car insurance offers and find one that suits your family best. Take that important step to protect your family by finding the right insurance. Start by comparing prices online today—it’s easier than you think!

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