Get Your Saudi Visa Sorted: Visitor Insurance Explained
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Get Your Saudi Visa Sorted: Visitor Insurance Explained

By law, all visitors to Saudi Arabia need to have valid health insurance coverage during their stay. Unexpected medical situations can happen anywhere, anytime. No matter what medical emergency arises, Saudi visa insurance — also known as visitor health insurance— offers you and your loved ones the security of receiving the necessary medical treatment without worrying about the burden of unexpected bills that could derail your plans and budget.

Find out how it works, why it’s so important, and how you can extend your Saudi visit visa & insurance if you’re planning a longer stay.

Key takeaways

  • Mandatory: health insurance is mandatory for all applicants intending to obtain a visa to enter Saudi for the purpose of visit, transit, or tourism.
  • Coverage: The insurance covers emergency in-patient treatment ie. examination, medical treatment, and hospitalization costs.
  • Duration: The insurance covers visitors staying for up to 90 days (3 months).
  • Cost: The cost of visitor insurance varies depending on the visitor’s age, duration of the trip, and the type of coverage included in the plan. Be sure to shop around & compare insurance companies’ offerings.
  • Process of applying: Visitor insurance is automatically included when you apply for a visa through Saudi’s Enjaz visa platform.

What does visitor insurance cover?

Saudi visitor insurance covers emergency medical care only and does not require co-payments — this means no out-of-pocket costs— at public or private healthcare facilities in Saudi. Here’s what’s included:

  • Hospital treatment — This covers your medical examination, diagnosis, treatment, and medication according to the insurance plan’s schedule.
  • Hospitalization in a shared room — This includes bed costs, nursing services, doctor visits, medical supervision, and life support services.
  • Dental and gum treatment — Only urgent cases are covered, such as fillings, nerve treatments, abscess removal, and related procedures. This also includes necessary antibiotics and painkillers.
  • Treatment for car accident injuries Let’s hope you never need this, but it’s good to know it’s there just in case!
  • Emergency pregnancy and childbirth — Up to 5,000 Saudi Riyals for emergency pregnancy and childbirth-related expenses.
  • Care for premature babies — This covers the tiniest travelers with the biggest needs!
  • Emergency kidney dialysis.
  • Emergency medical evacuation — Both within and outside Saudi Arabia.
  • Repatriation of remains — This is a sensitive topic, but it’s important to consider. This coverage helps ensure your loved ones can bring you home in case of the unexpected.

🚨 Visitor insurance only covers emergencies

Non-emergency situations like cosmetic surgeries, pre-existing conditions, self-inflicted injuries, substance abuse-related issues, or misuse of medication are not covered in Saudi’s visit insurance.

Buying & renewing Saudi visitor insurance

Get your travel insurance fast and easy when you apply for your visa through Enjaz, Saudi’s Electronic Visa platform. In just minutes, you can complete the whole process entirely online. Simply enter your details and passport information, and the website will connect you with licensed insurance companies in Saudi to buy your insurance. Once you’re done, your insurance and visa will be automatically issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Your insurance coverage starts the moment you step into Saudi Arabia. Remember to renew before extending your visa through Absher platform.

🔗 Check your Visitors / Tourists / Omrah and Hajj Insurance status and details online.

CHI E-Services lets you easily verify its validity and find your insurer’s contact information in just a few clicks

How to extend Saudi visit visa insurance

Planning to stay longer than expected? No problem! You can easily extend your Saudi visit visa, but you’ll need to renew your insurance to cover your extended stay. Health insurance coverage is mandatory for visit visa renewal. The good news is, you can renew your insurance directly from licensed companies’ websites like Tawuniya, Takaful Al Rajhi, and SAICO. Don’t forget to compare insurance prices for the best deal.

Before extending your visit, make sure you meet these requirements

  1. Valid Medical Insurance. Your existing medical insurance must cover your entire extended stay in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Settlement of Fees. Pay for the extension fees (100 riyals) and any outstanding traffic violations. 🔗 Use Absher to check & pay traffic violations for Visitors.
  3. Passport Validity. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the new visa expiry date.
  4. Physical Presence. You must be currently inside Saudi Arabia.
  5. Visa Validity. You can only apply for an extension if your visa has 7 days or less remaining. To avoid fines, apply before your visa expires.
  6. Maximum Stay. The total duration of your stay (including the extension) cannot exceed 180 days from your original arrival date.

Stay safe during your visit to Saudi Arabia!

Beyond being a requirement for entry, visitor health insurance might be the most important document to have during your visit to Saudi Arabia. Whether you’re involved in a car accident or need emergency medical treatment, your insurance has your back. No hassle, no stress. Just show your valid insurance at the hospital reception, and focus on getting the care you need. And if things get really serious, it can help getting back home quickly!

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