Contest Traffic Violations to Protect Your Wallet

Contest Traffic Violations to Protect Your Wallet

Driving on the road is usually smooth, but nothing feels worse than receiving an unexpected SMS for a traffic violation you didn’t commit! Even though high-tech cameras are accurate, mistakes can happen. Radar cameras might confuse things due to glitches or license plate mix-ups. This isn’t just annoying – even accidental violations mean fines and maybe higher future car insurance costs. Surprisingly, many drivers are unaware they can contest their fines in Saudi Arabia. So, let us explain how to challenge these violations! In this guide, we’ll show you how to make the most of the opportunity to contest a driving violation in Saudi Arabia. But first, let’s clear up a few things.

The Costly Connection – Traffic Violations Impact on Car Insurance Rates

Insurance companies view traffic violations – like speeding, running red lights, or driving against traffic – as indicators of increased risk. Statistically, drivers who commit traffic violations are more likely to be involved in accidents and file claims for vehicle damage. This of course leads insurers to see drivers with a history of violations and accidents as higher risk. As a result, when a driver gets a traffic ticket, insurance rates go up.
But there’s a way out – just as laws allow you to challenge an accident report, you can also contest traffic violations to avoid fines and potential hikes in future insurance costs and potential future insurance cost increases.

Challenging unjust traffic violations

If you think you didn’t commit a traffic violation or disagree with the details of a violation notice, the Saudi Traffic Department offers drivers the opportunity to contest such violations, whether they were detected by traffic officers or automated monitoring systems. This service is provided free of charge through the “Absher” platform and can be accessed electronically.

How to contest violations online in Saudi Arabia

  1. Log in to the “Absher” portal.
  2. Choose “My Services.”
  3. Select “Traffic Services.”
  4. Choose “Contesting Traffic Violations.”
  5. A list of registered violations will appear.
  6. Select the violation you want to contest.
  7. Choose the reason for contesting from the list or explain it in writing.

Once you’ve submitted your contestation, you’ll get an SMS on your registered number. The committee reviews the violation within 7 business days. If it’s confirmed, normal procedures apply; if it’s wrong, it’s taken off your record without issues. Just be careful: “Absher” warns that too many requests for previously rejected violations might temporarily suspend the service for you!

Contesting traffic violations service conditions

  • The violation must be within the past month (30 days) from its recording date.
  • Once a decision is issued by the relevant committee, you can’t contest the violation again.
  • If you have a previous request being processed, you can’t make a new contestation.

Can you contest traffic violations after payment?

You can contest both paid and unpaid violations. If the relevant traffic authority approves your contestation, the payment amount will be automatically refunded to your account.

Three reasons to contest your traffic violations

  1. It’s your right!
    The Saudi traffic system guarantees everyone the right to contest violations issued against them. This right is established to ensure fairness and address mistakes. So, go ahead and confidently exercise your rights!
  2. No hassle – it’s all online
    The best part about the traffic violation contestation service is that it’s completely electronic (and it’s free!). You can complete all the necessary steps from the comfort of your home, without taking time off work or enduring long waits at the traffic department.
  3. Keep your record clean
    Most importantly, protect your driving record and avoid any negative impacts from violations. Typically, the effects of traffic violations – especially serious ones – can affect insurance rates for about 3-5 years.

Contesting traffic violations is a smart move!

In short, traffic violations can make vehicle insurance prices much higher – that’s why every driver must verify the accuracy of registered violations and contest any errors present. Remember that every violation you avoid doesn’t just help you dodge fines; it helps you avoid increased insurance costs and keeps the roads safer for everyone!

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