Your guide to transfer car ownership in Saudi
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Your guide to transfer car ownership in Saudi

If you are thinking about buying a new car don’t do it, says self-made millionaire and bestselling author David Bach. In a CNBC Make It segment, Bach said buying a brand new car is the single worst financial decision anyone could make. Like most people, if you’re on a budget to buy a car and want a good car that drives and looks great. Sometimes your best option is to buy a used car. Moreover, young drivers prefer to buy second-hand cars. Buying a used car is a great opportunity to secure a good deal for a reliable one. Consequently, wakeel prepared a guide to transfer car ownership & insurance in Saudi.

How to transfer car ownership and insurance in Saudi Arabia

Once you have bought a used car you need to transfer the ownership of the car in Saudi Arabia and get car insurance that covers the car and is under the new owner’s name.

Before transferring car ownership, both the seller and the buyer of the car need to ensure:

  • That there are no traffic offenses or penalties on the car.
  • The car’s insurance is under the buyer’s name.

Things to remember when transferring car ownership.

Below are some points to look over when transferring car ownership:

  1. Car insurance: First and foremost, the priority when transferring car ownership is to assure that the car is under any insurance coverage. You can speed up the process if you compare car insurance prices in Saudi and buy an insurance policy online in Saudi.
  2. Ownership Transferring System: Absher website lets you now transfer ownership via General Traffic Department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The process of transferring car ownership online allows sellers to receive full payment online within an hour. Additionally, the Traffic Department will collect a transfer ownership fee of 150 SAR.
  3. Second, ensure the validity date of the required documents: To complete the ownership transfer process, all the official documents requested by Absher platform must be valid, such as the driver’s license, the original national ID – the national residence number, the vehicle form, and the periodic inspection paper.
  4. After completing your procedures and submitting the requests: The Ministry of Interior will send a message via Absher to your mobile and the seller’s mobile, with the specific time period to complete the car payment process and the ownership transfer request.

How can I transfer ownership of a car online in Saudi?

“Absher” platform has introduced a new special service “private transport transfer”. This feature has been added to the “Vehicle Ownership Transfer” e-service which allows individuals to complete transferring ownership of vehicle electronically via the Absher platform, after inspecting the vehicle by the buyer and after an agreement between buyer and seller on a specified price.

“Vehicle Ownership Transfer” is one of more than (200) e-services that benefit more than 15 million users via the “Absher” platform, for individuals and the business sector. 

How to buy a car through “Absher” in Saudi

  1. Log in to Abshar platform “the seller and the buyer”
  2. Select the follow-up service after the sale.
  3. Fill in the required details in the system. Transfer process details – transfer confirmation – and complete the sale and finally transfer the ownership.
  4. After verifying, the above details of the ownership will be transferred to the name of the new buyer directly through the platform.

Once all is complete and you chose the best car insurance for your new car and ownership of the car is updated, The traffic department will hand over the vehicle’s updated “Istmara”(car registration card) to the new owner of the car.

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