A Practical Guide to Writing a Car Insurance Complaint
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A Practical Guide to Writing a Car Insurance Complaint

Car insurance issues can be frustrating, but thanks to regulations by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia (SAMA), insurance companies are obligated to have a user-friendly complaint-handling system. So, if you’ve ever had an unsatisfactory experience or encountered misconduct from an insurance company, don’t hesitate to speak up. As a policyholder or a third party, you have the right to file a complaint and ensure that insurance companies fulfill their obligations under a TPL or Comprehensive insurance policy. Moreover, if your car insurance company fails to respond to your complaint or address your concerns, you can take the next step and escalate the issue to SAMA.

In this blog, we’ll guide you on how to file a complaint against insurance companies and provide tips for writing an impactful complaint letter. Let’s get started!

What frustrates people most about car insurance companies?

  1. Delays: Lengthy claim processing times can cause inconvenience and financial strain.
  2. Rejections: Unjustified claim rejections leave policyholders feeling unsupported.
  3. Unsatisfactory settlements: Inadequate compensation can leave policyholders feeling undervalued.

In such situations, you should consider filing a complaint against a car insurance company.

Here’s what you have to do before filing a car insurance complaint in Saudi

When dealing with any issues with an insurance company in Saudi Arabia, please follow these steps before filing a complaint:

  1. Understand your insurance policy. Before filing a complaint, make sure you thoroughly review your insurance policy. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, as this will help you understand what is covered and what is not. It will also provide valuable information on the complaint submission process, required documents, and the expected timeframe for resolution.
  2. Gather supporting documents. Collect all relevant documents and evidence related to the problem you’re facing. This can include accident reports, damage estimates, claim numbers, and any previous communication with the insurance company that supports your complaint. Having these materials ready will strengthen your case when filing a formal complaint.
  3. Contact the insurance company. Reach out to the insurance company directly to try and find a suitable solution. Often, expressing your dissatisfaction to their customer service department can lead to a prompt resolution without involving any third parties.

Still not satisfied? Don’t worry. If the insurance company is unable to resolve your complaint, or if you haven’t heard back from them within 10 business days — Take the matter up further to SAMA, Saudi’s insurance regulator.

Discover the various channels available in Saudi Arabia for filing complaints against car insurance companies through this informative infographic. Learn about official platforms, contact details, and the necessary steps to voice your concerns effectively. Empower yourself as a consumer and ensure a fair resolution to any issues you may encounter with your car insurance provider.
Channels to Address Insurance Car Complaints in Saudi Arabia

How to file a car insurance complaint with SAMA

  1. Visit in person. Go to the main center of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia on King Saud bin Abdulaziz Street in Riyadh during working hours.
  2. File a complaint online. Use SAMACares e-portal, mobile app, or their official Twitter account (@SAMACares).
  3. Send a written complaint. Mail your complaint to the Customer Protection Department at the provided address: Customer Protection Department, Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, King Saud Bin Abdulaziz Street, P.O. Box 2992, Riyadh 11169, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  4. Call for assistance. Contact the customer service center at the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia using the toll-free number 800-125-6666.

These options provide different ways for you to reach out to SAMA and ensure your complaint is heard and addressed effectively

How to write an effective complaint letter against a car insurance company

Writing an effective complaint letter against a car insurance company is crucial for getting your issue resolved. Follow these guidelines to ensure your letter is clear and impactful:

Explain the problem clearly

  • Give all the relevant facts concerning the problem you’re facing.
  • Specify the type of claim, whether it’s a third-party claim or a comprehensive insurance claim.
  • Mention any previous attempts you made to resolve the issue with the insurance company.
  • Feel free to suggest a solution that you think would best resolve the problem.
  • Use polite language and avoid an aggressive or exaggerated tone. Remember, the person reading your message is there to help you.

Provide all necessary information

  • Personal Details: Include your name and telephone number for easy contact.
  • Supporting Evidence: Include any evidence that supports your complaint, such as photos of damage, accident reports, or other relevant documents.

Also, ensure your letter includes:

  • Insurance policy number
  • Driver’s license copy
  • Bank Account Number (IBAN)

Finally, double-check all the data provided to avoid delays or cancellations of your complaint.

Sample complaint letter to SAMA

Dear Customer Protection Department,

I am writing to file a formal complaint against [Insurance Company Name] regarding their handling of my insurance claim. I have encountered significant issues with the company in terms of [provide a brief overview of my situation eg. claim rejection/ delays/ unsatisfactory settlements], which have caused me considerable frustration and financial burden.

I have made multiple attempts to resolve these issues directly with [Insurance Company Name] by contacting their customer service department. However, my efforts have been met with unsatisfactory responses, further exacerbating my dissatisfaction. Therefore, I kindly request your intervention and assistance in addressing this matter. I kindly request that you thoroughly investigate my complaint and take appropriate actions to rectify the situation. My desired outcome is [Reconsideration of my claim/ prompt resolution to my claim/ the settlement of the rightful compensation amount]

Enclosed with this letter are copies of all relevant documents related to my insurance policy, claim submissions, and correspondence with [Insurance Company Name]. These documents provide further evidence of the challenges I have faced and the need for your intervention.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to a swift and satisfactory resolution.

Yours sincerely,
[Your Name]
[Your Phone Number]

After studying the complaint and reviewing it with the concerned department, you are supposed to receive a written response from the insurance company explaining its position and the proposed solution. If necessary, you may receive an invitation to meet with administrators to discuss unclear matters and respond to your inquiries.

In conclusion,

Be absolutely sure that the Central Bank guarantees you the right to file a complaint against insurance companies to protect you and all customers from unfair practices. It’s important to be in the know about your rights and not give them up. By doing so, you’re playing your part in keeping the insurance sector in Saudi Arabia fair and transparent.

Now, if you’re still feeling unsatisfied with your current car insurance company, it’s time to consider other options! You can easily cancel your car insurance policy at any time and switch to another company that better suits your needs. And guess what? We’re here to lend a hand in comparing car insurance options and rates. Price comparison sites are the way to go, making it quick and effortless to explore what different insurance companies have to offer. So go ahead, and find the perfect policy for you!

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