Our Brand

Wakeel comes to the Middle East and North Africa with a huge backing from globally recognized price comparison sites.

Extending its transparent, efficient and trusted services to the MENA region. Customers can explore, compare and buy tailored products online. 

Positioning Wakeel as the leading provider of price comparison services in the MENA region, from its foundational network from which it was founded.

Wakeel which operates under the official entity of Preminen MENA is a joint venture between global experts Preminen Price Comparison Holding and MIG Holding. 

The joint venture has allowed for the dissemination of experience of the price comparison market. 

More on MIG Holding 

MIG Holding is a DIFC licensed company, part of the Mawarid Group.
With a group of successful companies in its portfolio, operating in the
Middle East, with offices throughout the GCC, Yemen,
Lebanon and Greece. 

More on Preminen Price Comparison Holding 

Preminen Price Comparison:

is a joint venture between
Admiral Group (a top European insurer) and Preminen Holding to extend its services of there price comparison platforms internationally.

Admiral Group:

owns several price comparison websites in the UK (Confused.com), Spain (Rastreator.com), France (Lelynx.fr), US (Compare.com) and Mexico (Rastreator.mx).

Today, as a result of the joint venture, both Holdings have joined forces
to create and launch the leading online insurance Price Comparison platform in the Middle East and North Africa, with Wakeel.com

Our Vision

To become the MENA region’s go-to comparison website bringing trust and transparency to the market with a fast performing user-friendly platform.

Our Mission

To become the first choice by customers by providing transparent, trusted and customizable price comparison solutions, through strategic partnerships with insurance companies across the MENA region. Continually innovating and leading the way in international price comparison platforms.

Our Core Values 

At Wakeel, decades of expertise have powered our journey and innovation in our driving force.

The company is guided by four core values, translated throughout our platforms, teams and services:

Transparent & trusted

Providing clients with transparency on information and services

Simple & fast

Speed and efficiency with a “always-available” simplified customer journey.

Innovative & supportive

Providing a great experience for employees, clients and partners alike. While focusing on high standards of quality and services through consistency, support and innovation.  

Professional & dedicated

Dedicated professional and a transparent business structure for the entire stakeholder experience.